Howdy! This help page will guide you through the design and features of the new Bus Routes website. It is broken down into 3 sections

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot see leave times for my route! Where did they go?
Click or tap the Time Table icon to drop the table of leave times down. Time tables default to hidden when the site is viewed on a device with a small screen, like a mobile phone. If you are using a device with a larger screen, like a tablet, laptop, or desktop, the table of leave times will display automatically when you select a route.

Features You Might Be Interested In

Route Info
Tap or click on a route line to get more information about the route.
Highlighted route with info box
Stop Info
Tap or click on a stop to get more information about the stop.

Square markers indicate time point stops where a bus must stop and wait until the scheduled leave time.
Square, time point, marker and info box

Round markers indicate regular stops where the bus will stop if passengers are waiting, or a rider has requested the bus to stop so that they can disembark.
Round, regular stop, marker and info box

Bus Info
Tap or click on a bus marker to see the route that the bus is on, how full it is, the name of the next stop, and the estimated arrival time at that stop.
Bus marker and info window