Parking Lot Sign Symbols

Visitor Parking Symbol

Visitor parking available in this area without a permit - hourly fees may apply

24 Hour Reserved Symbol

This lot reserved 24 hours a day, seven days a week for permit holders of this lot

Any Valid TAMU Permit Symbol

Any valid TAMU permit valid in this lot during the day except when parking is restricted due to a special event or construction project. Night permits are ONLY valid after 5pm.

Night Parking Symbol

This lot designated for any valid TAMU permit, including night permits between the hours indicated on the symbol

Business Permit Parking Symbol

Business permits authorized in this lot.

Baseball Reserved Parking Symbol

This lot reserved on baseball gamedays. Must have proper baseball game permit to park in this lot

Football Reserved Parking Symbol

This lot reserved by 12th Man on football gamedays - letter underneath football symbol indicates 12th Man permit required to park in lot on football gamedays

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