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Football Thursday


Transportation Services is working with several departments and entities within the university and City of College Station to deliver an all-encompassing plan for the Thursday night football game against Northwestern St. on Aug. 30. Details will be made available on the website once they are confirmed.

See below for more info.

What is the time of the game on Thursday, Aug. 30?

The game will kick off at 7:30pm.

What bus service will be provided for the Aug. 30 class day and gameday?

Class day bus service will run as normal until 3:30pm. After 3:30pm, most stops will continue to be served, but bus frequency will be reduced.

Gameday bus service begins running between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.

Where and at what time can I park for the Aug. 30 football game?

7:00 am

Gameday parking is available at Fan Field for $20, via reservation through Parkmobile, or free with any valid Texas A&M or 12th Man permit.

Buses will be added to the Bush School route all day to accommodate additional riders that parked in Fan Field.

3:30 pm

Parking opens in designated areas for customers with 12th Man, Tailgate or HOV permits. All lots and garages in orange on the Football Thursday Parking Map become available.

5:00 pm

Lots in maroon on the Football Thursday Parking Map become available for free for customers displaying any valid Texas A&M or 12th Man permit. No public parking allowed.

Which lots or garages require faculty, staff and students with permits to clear them for the Aug. 30 football game?

Most lots and garages DO NOT require customers with permits to move out for the Aug. 30 game. At the following times, the following lots require customers with permits to leave the lot or garage:

All Day
Lot 100d (Section d ONLY)
2:30 pm
Lot 61 (eastern half ONLY)
Lot 62
Lot 65 (eastern half ONLY)
Lot 67 (eastern half ONLY)
Lot 74 (southern half ONLY)
3:30 pm
Lot 48
Lot 60
Lot 61
Lot 69
Lot 72
Lot 74 (entire lot)
Lot 95
Lot 97
Lot 100
Lot 104
Cain Garage
University Center Garage – UCX permits (UCG permits may remain until 5:30 pm)
West Campus Garage – WCG permits (WCR permits may remain if parked on Level P5 or above)
5:30 pm
Lot 18
Lot 30e (section e ONLY)
Lot 64
Lot 70
Lot 73
Lot 88
Lot 114

Customers with permits to park in any area other than the ones listed above may remain parked in their assigned areas for the duration of the business day.

Will university employees be required to work the full day on Aug. 30?

We anticipate some form of early staff release on Aug. 30. An official announcement should be made in early August.

On the parking maps for the football game on Aug. 30, what is meant by “exception by placard”?

Deans, vice presidents and department heads will be given the opportunity to request an exception to the posted parking maps for faculty, staff or graduate students.

Those who either teach a class, or have an essential job duty and must continue parking in the restricted lot or garage beyond the time the area must be cleared should contact their dean or department head.

For individuals for whom the dean, vice president or department head request an exception, a placard will be issued for either the assigned lot or garage, or one nearby the assigned lot or garage.

Priority for placards will be given to designees assigned to teach classes after the time posted for clearing the lot or garage.

What parking is available for the Wednesday, Aug. 29, 10pm Yell Practice?

On Aug. 29, fans can park for free starting at 8:30pm in surface lots near the stadium for Yell Practice, however, ALL vehicles must leave the parking lots by 4am Thursday, Aug. 30.

How will tailgating be affected for the Thursday, Aug. 30 game?

Visit our tailgating page for full details.

When will parking in Lot 74 return to normal on the Friday, Aug. 31 after Football Thursday?

RV’s can begin checking in to Lot 74 beginning at 3:30 Thursday afternoon and will be confined to the southern half of the lot. They will be required to leave the southern half of the lot by 10am Friday. Lot 74 permit holders will have normal access to the northern half of the lot on Friday and the southern half after 10am. Historically, on Fridays the lots are less full, so we feel there will be plenty of room to make this plan work.

Lot 74 is the only area affected by overnight parking for the game. All other lots should be cleared out by Friday morning.

What are the times I can arrive in and must depart from my assigned RV Park?

Customers with permits to park an RV may do so in the park to which they are assigned. The arrival and departure times for the Aug. 30 game are listed below:

Aggie RV Park
Opens 9am, Wednesday, Aug. 29
Depart by 2pm, Sunday, Sept. 2
Lot 58
Opens noon, Wednesday, Aug. 29
Depart by 2pm, Sunday, Sept. 2
Olsen Park
Opens noon, Wednesday, Aug. 29
Depart by 2pm, Sunday, Sept. 2
Penberthy Park
Opens noon, Wednesday, Aug. 29
Depart by 2pm, Sunday, Sept. 2
12th Man Equine Park
Opens noon, Wednesday, Aug. 29
Depart by 2pm, Sunday, Sept. 2
12th Man R Lot
Opens 3:30pm, Thursday, Aug. 30
Depart by 10am, Friday, Aug. 31