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Fall Route Changes In Effect

Fall Route Changes Are In Effect

To best meet the needs of our students and the community as a whole, we continually assess our transit service and adjust our routes accordingly.

This year, we are extending our bus service to reach the new Park West complex and the new intramural field. See next panel for more information on those route enhancements.

See maps below for the additional route changes which are now running.

Route 01  Route 02  Route 04  Route 12  Transit service & route info 

Enhanced Penberthy Blvd. Bus service coming Fall 2017

Enhanced bus service to Park West & intramural field

Enhanced Penberthy Blvd. bus service – servicing the new Park West apartment complex and intramural field – has begun! Routes 08 (Howdy), 35 (Hullabaloo), 36 (Cotton Bowl) and 40 (Century Tree) all service this area. Routes 35 and 36 each have 12 buses per hour during normal transit operations, route 08 has 8 buses per hour, and route 40 has 6. Night and weekend service is also available.

  • Route 08 stop 6 services the main entrance.
  • Route 35 stops 3 & 10, and Route 40 stops 3 & 8, service the northwest entrance of Park West from Penberthy Blvd.
  • Route 36 stop 3 services the south entrance to the Park West parking garage from Luther St.

See below for route maps.

Route 08  Route 35  Route 36  Route 40  Transit service & route info