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ofo dos and don'ts

As a community, Texas A&M took more than 100,000 rides in support of sustainability using the ofo bike share program.

While the ovewhelming response throughout the community has been positive, we still have work to do to ensure the program's success.

Nobody likes a 2%er

Current data shows that fewer than 2% of users are not using the system as intended. Improper usage and placement not only has a negative impact on our community, it can greatly impact a user's score.

Good bull

ofo encourages proper usage and parking of bikes through points applied to each user's account. Proper usage earns users points which can be redeemed for coupons within the app.

  • use bike lanes, when possible
  • place bikes in bike racks when finished
  • park inside the geofence
  • report improper usage to ofobikes@tamu.edu

Bad bull

ofo discourages improper usage and parking of bikes through points deducted from each user's account. If a score drops too low, a user's account will be closed.

  • impeding the paths of mobility and vision impared by parking bikes on sidewalks
  • defacing campus and the community by placing bikes where they don't belong
  • riding bikes in dismount zones

How to report misuse

From within the app, tap on the wrench from the main page, then select Illegal parking

reporting misuse