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ofo points system

The ofo score is used to maintain and encourage good behavior among ofo riders. After signing up with ofo, you are rewarded 100 ofo points. If your ofo score is reduced to 0, you can no longer use ofo bikes.

If you have questions or experience any issues with your ofo score, please email us at ofo@tamu.edu.

Good behavior

Good Behavior Points
Complete a trip +1
Report a broken bike (upon ofo verification) +2
Report an illegally parked bike (upon ofo verification) +3
Share your ride (first time) +1
Park in a preferred parking area +1

Poor behavior

Poor Behavior Points
Improperly locking bike –50
Parking illegally –50
Parking outside the geo–fence, i.e. highlighted map area –50
Violating traffic rules Reduced to 0
Using an unauthorized bike lock Reduced to 0
Damaging a bike Reduced to 0