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Bicycle Program Updates

2015 Bicycle District Strategic Plan

View the PDF for the 2015 Bicycle District Strategic Plan here.


  • DISMOUNT ZONE - With the opening of the MSC/Rudder Plaza area, dismount zones for bikes and skateboards are being added in order to promote a safe environment in that busy area of campus. Please watch for signage and dismount your bike or skateboard when entering this area.
  • The stations will have a bike stand with tools, bike pump and signage.
    The stations are brown in color to match the new bike racks you may have seen on campus. We are requesting feedback on locations. Generally, we are considering the following geographic areas:

  • Southside dorms
  • Northside dorms
  • Wehner/West Camus Library area
  • MSC/Koldus area
  • West Campus Garage/Rec Center area
  • Spence St
  • Evans Library area
  • Academic Building area

    These are general locations. We are soliciting specific spots in those areas or others not listed.
  • Feedback can be sent directly to rsteedly@tamu.edu. Feel free to include a small image in your response so we can easity identify the location.
  • Remember to follow the rules of the road: Texas Bicycle Laws


  • New bike racks have been installed at or near Pi R Square, The Library Annex, Fermier Hall, Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building, Reed Arena, Mechanical Engineering/Physics (Cain Building) and West Campus Garage.
  • Some replacement projects are planned for the winter break. Replacement projects involve removing the existing racks and installing new racks. If you have a bike in these areas, please move it to a different rack or take it home over the break. Signs near the racks in these areas were put out in early December alerting cyclists of the need to remove their bikes. Racks we will be removing an/or replacing are near Petroleum Engineering, Sbisa Dining Hall, Reed Arena, Underground Food Court, Northside Garage, Evans Library (east side) and near the Annex, Student Computing Center (west side). New racks will be installed on the east side when HEEP Lab is completed. Please remember to move your bike if it is in a rack that will be replaced.
  • Bike theft has increased this fall.  To minimize the potential of your bike being stolen, please do the following: If you live in a dorm, store your bike in your dorm room. If you live off campus, store your bike in your apartment or house. If you must leave your bike on campus, lock it with a U-Lock through the frame and tires to a bike rack. Cable locks, while convenient, are easy to defeat and are not recommended for keeping your bike secure for a long duration.
  • Have a safe holiday and a well-earned break!
  • Remember to follow the rules of the road: Texas Bicycle Laws


  • Bike parking at Kyle Field is not permitted. The fence and any objects that are not bike racks around Kyle Field are cleared during the week and especially on game weekends. Help us keep this gateway to our campus safe and clutter-free.
  • You may have noticed the new bike racks at the bus stops near the Psychology Building. We installed them this summer because we saw the students who bike and then ride the bus desired a place to park in that area. There are now 80 new bike parking spaces for your use, but if they become full, please don't park illegally! Overflow bike parking is just north of the Psychology Building. Please be sure to park in a rack and safeguard your bike.
  • We are identifying areas on campus that need more bike parking. Sbisa is an example. With the construction of Fish Pond and Ross Street, things have been a little chaotic in that area. We did put some temporary racks in the area to provide some relief until a permanent solution can be implemented. We will place directional signage in the area when the old racks are scheduled to be removed and replaced with new racks with more capacity.
  • Booting of illegally parked bikes has begun. Currently there is no charge for bike release since the program is new – customers simply call to make an appointment to get the boot removed.
  • We are seeing many bikes that are "locked to themselves". Did you know those are the most stolen bikes on campus? Don't let your bike be one of them. We ask that you safeguard your bike by parking it in a rack. Not only does it reduce the likelihood of it being stolen, but it also keeps our campus beautiful.
  • Remember to follow the rules of the road: Texas Bicycle Laws