Alternative Parking Options

Car Pool

Customers may ride together and purchase one permit between them to park on campus. Since vehicle registration is not required one permit may be purchased and displayed in any vehicle driven to campus.

Night Parking

Privileges to park in unrestricted or plain marked spaces in other lots except lot 30 and lot 40 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 am are included with all valid Texas A&M University permits. Customers needing to park only between 5:00 pm and 6:00 am may purchase a night permit at a cost substantially less than a regular permit.

Weekend Parking

No permit is required in unrestricted or plain marked spaces on Saturday, Sunday, or days when the University is officially closed. Exceptions include the golf lot, 30, 40, special event parking and athletic events. Notification will be posted at the entrance to the lot(s) for these types of events.

Break Parking

Customers with any valid permit, including night permits may park in multiple, designated surface lots during specified semester breaks according to the Break Parking Map.

Visitor Parking

If you don't park on campus often, use the paid visitor parking areas on campus. Rates are reduced in the evenings.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Learn about Texas A&M's multiple electric vehicle charging stations on main campus and RELLIS campus.