Texas A&M Designated Silver Bicycle Friendly By University League Of American Bicyclists

Texas A&M Today

By Melissa Marie Maraj, Texas A&M University Transportation Services

Published: November 14, 2018

Infographic stating 193 universities are considered bicycle friendly

The League of American Bicyclists has honored Texas A&M University with a Silver Bicycle Friendly University award in recognition of the institution’s achievements in promoting and enabling safe, accessible bicycling on campus.

“We are pleased to once again be recognized as a bike-friendly campus,” said Executive Vice President and CFO Jerry Strawser, Texas A&M University. “This designation reflects the hard work and vision of our Department of Transportation Services and promotes a healthy and environment-friendly venue for our students, faculty, and staff to travel across campus.”

Ranking of bicycle friendly universities

The program, which now includes 193 BFU colleges and universities, is part of the League’s larger program and mission to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone.

“Congratulations to Texas A&M University for its inclusion in a select class of 45 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Universities nationwide,” says League Executive Director Bill Nesper. “The standards for attaining any of the four levels of awards—Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum—are very high and require deliberate, determined efforts to earn them. Universities and colleges are in a unique leadership position to help encourage and enable people of all ages—especially young adults—to adopt healthy, sustainable habits that can benefit them throughout their lives.”

Texas A&M garnered the Bike Friendly University designation in 2015. Since that time, Texas A&M Transportation Services has worked to enhance their programs, policies and campus projects, such as the bike share program, the introduction of the Dutch Junction intersection and the bike registration program, for example, resulting in the upgraded Silver designation.

infographic showing number of bicycle friendly universities in each state

“More than 3.8 million students now attend Bicycle Friendly Universities in 46 states and Washington, D.C.,” says BFU Director Amelia Neptune. “From large to small, urban to rural, these educational institutions are creating a powerful community of college campuses that model and support the use of bicycles for improving health, sustainability, and transportation options.”

Moving forward, Texas A&M Transportation Services will have access to a variety of free tools and technical assistance from the League to become even more bicycle friendly.

To learn more about the BFU program, visit the League online at www.bikeleague.org/university.

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