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College Station Mobile Device Driving Ordinance

The College Station City Council adopted an ordinance in August banning the use of hand-held communication devices while driving a motor vehicle or bicycle in the city limits. Watch the video and read below to find out what you need to know.

CS Police Chief Scott McCollum explains the ordinance

Student PSA provides brief overview of the ordinance

What you need to know about the ordinance

When did it take effect?

The ordinance went into effect November 9, 2016.

What does it ban?

It bans the usage of all wireless communication devices while a vehicle or bicycle is in motion.

What is the penalty?

Violators will be fined between $25 and $200, plus court costs.

When is usage permitted?

Bluetooth and connected devices

The usage of bluetooth and connected services is permitted as long as the driver or cyclist is not touching the device.

GPS and wayfinding

The ordinance does not apply to a GPS unit that is separate from a cell phone. Drivers may use their cell phone for GPS purposes if it is mounted in the vehicle.

When vehicle is at complete stop

Usage of handheld devies is permitted as long as the vehicle or bicycle is at a complete, lawful stop.

Read more on the City of College Station website or view the ordinance.