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Fleet Long-Term Leasing

From University Rule 25.99.99.M0.04, all acquisitions of vehicles must be processed through Transportation Services in order to meet state reporting requirements. Texas A&M University vehicles will not be purchased by, nor titled to, individual departments unless Transportation Services determines that a special need exists. Special needs are:

  1. the vehicle is a heavy off-the-road model, or
  2. the vehicle must be modified or equipped to the extent that use for any other purpose would be impractical.

To determine if a special need exists, departments should send a written request, showing justification for the special need, to Transportation Services. Following review, Transportation Services will forward the request to the Department of Procurement Services for submittal to the Associate Vice President for Finance for approval.

It is the responsibility of Transportation Center to provide vehicles for departments for long term rental. Departments interested in long-term rental of vehicles should call (979) 845-5846. All TAMU vehicles will be processed through the Transportation Center and procured by Purchasing and Stores Department.

Long-term Rental Procurement

If a vehicle is not available, Transportation Center will order a vehicle. Transportation Center will utilize the Texas Building and Procurement Commissions State Contract published in the fall of each year. Departments should plan and anticipate their vehicle needs one year in advance. In the event a specific need cannot be met utilizing the state contract, a bid process will be initiated by Purchasing and Stores.

Vehicle Replacement

The Transportation Center encourages departmental custodians to consider replacing their vehicles within an estimated useful life of 6 to 11 years depending on make and model. However, this will remain the decision of the custodian unless the Service Center decides that the vehicle is unsafe or a chronic maintenance problem. It is recognized that many vehicles get very low mileage and are cared for very well extending useful life for many years. Custodians are encouraged to utilize our My Fleet dashboards to monitor the fuel and maintenance costs for their vehicles to make better decisions on the cost benefit of retaining vehicles beyond a reasonable useful life. Shop management will notify a department if they see a vehicle that is becoming a problem and should be considered for replacement.

Long-term Rental Request

Departments needing to rent vehicles on a long-term basis from the Transportation Center must complete a Request for Services Form.

Special Vehicle Equipment Requirements

Departments requiring special equipment to be added to vehicles must coordinate such requirements with Transportation Center. Requests for additional equipment should be made in writing, preferably at the time the request for the vehicle is made. The installation of after-market equipment is coordinated with the fleet manager and the auto shop supervisor.

The Transportation Center is responsible for purchasing and installing all add-on equipment. If the add-on equipment increases the asset value of the vehicle, the life of the lease will be extended to cover the cost of the equipment. If the add-on equipment does not change the asset value of the vehicle, the cost of the equipment and installation will be billed to the department.

Vehicles should not be altered or changed in any way without the written permission of the Fleet Manager. Equipment added to a vehicle becomes part of the vehicle and is sold with the vehicle.

Long-term Rental Termination

If a department determines a vehicle is no longer needed, the Transportation Center should be contacted to make arrangements to turn in the vehicle. The departments should clean out the vehicle and return the keys and state fuel cards to the Transportation Center. The vehicle will undergo a final inspection once it is turned in. Any maintenance services and mechanical repairs will be completed to return the vehicle or equipment to rentable condition. The total cost of the services or repairs will be billed to the department/agency terminating the rental.

General Care of Fleet Vehicles

Departments are responsible for the care of vehicles while in their possession. The Transportation Center asks that departments maintain their vehicles so that the University is able to get the highest return for the vehicle at the time of sale. Vehicles should be washed and vacuumed routinely. The Transportation Center offers car wash and detailing services Tuesday through Thursday. Upon termination of the rental agreement, all maintenance services, all mechanical repair and all damage repair, necessary to return the vehicle or equipment to acceptable standards will be accomplished by the Transportation Center. The total cost of the services or repairs will be billed to the department/agency terminating the rental.