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Basketball Parking

Texas A&M is hosting the Women's NCAA 1st and 2nd Rounds 3/18 - 3/21! Parking will be $5 per entry, cash only, in men's basketball parking lots. Presale parking is available via Park Me.

The basketball gameday experience brings thousands of attendees to the Texas A&M University campus hoping to enjoy the games. This week, Transportation Services received customer feedback on how the process of moving pedestrians and vehicles worked. In an effort to improve the customer experience, Transportation Services will implement a series of changes to the pre-game and post-game experience for our customers.

Here are a few tips and improvements being made for the upcoming games:

  • Check out the “Destination Aggieland App” for traffic information and follow us @GetToAggieGame for updates. Visit the App store via ITunes or Google Play to download
  • Traffic light signal timing will be changed to support traffic flow to the game, but please allow for more travel time
  • Pre-purchase parking at https://www.parkme.com/college-station-tx-parking/reed-arena. If paying upon arrival, please have your $5 cash payment when entering
  • West Campus Garage is available for all valid permit holders; Free parking is also available in maroon lots on the following map  http://transportmap.tamu.edu/parkingmap/tsmap.htm?map=bskb
  • Use all entrances to Reed Arena parking lots. The inner loop is also open for easy access to various parking lots
  • Avoid George Bush Drive and use University Drive to Reed Arena

The following will take place to improve traffic flow and pedestrian access:

  • More cashiers will be available
  • Transportation Services will reinstitute pre-game pedestrian assistance on Olsen at Kimbrough with traffic assistance on Penberthy
  • Additional signage will be in place informing attendees of available lot entrances
  • Increased social media effort on Twitter (pre-game) and push notifications via the Destination Aggieland App (Lot availability, best routes, etc.)
  • Collaboration with the City of College Station for increased green traffic light time (pre- and post-game)

Men's Basketball

Pre-pay basketball game parking NOW AVAILABLE. Reserve your parking for basketball now, and know you'll have a space waiting for you!


Please consult the Traffic Plan Map and park in the available lot closest to your desired exit route for faster departure.

  • Season pre-paid parking permit holders may park at Reed Arena in Lots 100a, b, c, e, f, g.
  • Disabled parking available in Lot 102 and a portion of Lot 100g for $5 CASH ONLY. Placards will be checked at lot entrances.
  • General Basketball parking is available in Lots 61, 74, 97, 100d, j, m (and a-c, e, f, g in limited quantities) for $5 CASH ONLY. Correct change is appreciated and helps traffic flow.
  • TAMU and retiree permit holders may park in Lots 61, 74, 97, 100d, j and m for free with their valid permit beginning 2 hours pre-game.
Parking Map

Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball parking is free on days when there is not a baseball or men’s basketball game.

  • General parking available in Reed Arena Lots 100a, b, c, e, f, g for free.
  • Disabled parking available in Lot 102 and a portion of Lot 100g for free.
Parking Map