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MSC Streets Renovation

But at MSC

Transportation Services will begin renovating several streets in the area surrounding the Memorial Student Center. This renovation project will take place in multiple phases with Phase 1 beginning Dec 18.

The following streets are included in the MSC Streets Renovation Project:

  • Joe Routt Blvd.
  • Gene Stallings Blvd.
  • West Lamar St.

Transportation Services will provide regular updates as the work progresses.

Phase 1: Dec 18, 2017–May 1, 2018

During this phase Joe Routt Blvd from Wellborn Rd. to Gene Stallings Blvd. and Gene Stallings Blvd. will be closed from Joe Routt Blvd. to the entry of Cain Garage. To enter Cain Garage, use Old Main Dr. Exits from the garage will be by left turn only.

Access to the MSC loading dock will be maintained for authorized vehicles only.

Details about phases 2–4 will be posted as they become available.

We appreciate your patience during this large road rehabilitation and as long-term improvements are made to our campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Cain Garage access will be maintained during all phases of construction. For specific access, please see the maps.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4

Route 01 (Bonfire) will be rerouted due to the closure of Joe Routt. Further details are still being worked out at this time. We will post updates when available.

Deliveries to the MSC Loading dock will be allowed at all times during the project for authorized vehicles only. Please see the maps as entrance to the area will vary during construction.

Cain Garage permit holders will have access to the garage during all phases of construction. Please see the phasing maps as entrance and exit points will vary during construction.

The project is a complete overhaul of the area and the timeline needed cannot fit into summer.