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Adriance Lab Road and West Campus Pedestrian Improvement Project

Adriance Lab Phase 1 Adriance Lab Phase 2 Adriance Lab Phase 3 Adriance Lab Phase 4

Project dates

  • Phase 1: June 10 – Aug. 26
  • Phase 2: Aug. 26 – Sept. 8
  • Phase 3: Begins Sept. 11
  • Phase 4: Scheduled to begin in Oct. and finish in Dec.

Adriance Lab Presentation

Bus Route Information

All buses have resumed normal operations.

Adriance Lab Road Renovation and West Campus Pedestrian and Bike Improvements

The renovation of Adriance Lab Road is well underway and progressing as expected. A traffic switch has been made to accommodate work to begin on the intersection of West Campus Creek Blvd and the entrance to Lot 98 on Adriance Lab Road. Two–way traffic will travel on the southernmost side of West Campus Blvd, creating one lane in each direction. This will require all customers accessing Lot 98 to use the easternmost entrance closest to Wehner.

ransportation Services has prepared drive lanes between Lots 73 and 18 and an additional access point to the west end of Lot 114. This will help traffic flow during certain phases of the project.

Phase 3

Phase 3 in the renovation of Adriance Lab Road is scheduled to begin Monday, Sept. 11 and be completed within three weeks. Most of the traffic control devices in Lot 98 will be removed, and Route 03 (Yell Practice) will switch back to the eastbound direction on West Campus. When phase 3 is complete, the contractor will reset the current drive aisle through lot 98 to complete the project.

Phase 3 map

Phase 2

Adriance Lab Road Renovation Phase 2 began Saturday, August 26 and is scheduled to be completed by Friday, September 8, 2017.

Phase 2 map

Phase 1

The renovation of Adriance Lab Road Phase 1 began Saturday, June 10 and was completed in August.

Phase 1 map

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the schedule for the project?

Preliminary work began in April, adding an additional access point to the west end of Lot 114 and between Lots 18 and 73. The planned construction timeline is below:

What are the project benefits going to be once it is completed?

The project will

  • reconstruct Adriance Lab Road and Horticulture Road in concrete;
  • add sidewalks and buffered bike lanes to both sides of Adriance Lab Road;
  • add compliant accessible ramps at all crosswalks along Adriance Lab and Horticulture Roads;
  • construct a sidewalk along the east side of Discovery Road between John Kimbrough Boulevard and Horticulture Road;
  • add crosswalks on Discovery Road where it intersects with Enterprise Avenue and at West Campus Boulevard;
  • reconstruct the entrances to Lots 18 and 98;
  • add campus standard lighting along the length of the project;
  • add improved drainage to Adriance Lab Road;
  • extend the multi-use path currently on Horticulture Road to the east to connect to other west campus infrastructure.

What will be done to help mitigate traffic congestion during phases of the project when roadways will be constricted or usual routes will be closed?

The initial phase of the project, during which access to Raymond Stotzer Parkway from Adriance Lab Road will be closed, is scheduled during the summer months when the campus population is at a minimum. Care has been taken to provide for adequate wayfinding signage, detour routes, and even additional parking lot entrances to limit impacts to traffic. Transportation Services will monitor the traffic situation closely and make modifications if our engineer believes the congestion warrants changes.

The phases of the project are planned when access to Raymond Stotzer Parkway from Adriance Lab Road is closed is during the summer months when the campus population is at a minimum. Transportation Services has asked the engineering firm we have on contract for recommendations in the event congestion warrants modifications. We will watch the situation closely.

When will both sides of West Camus Boulevard be available to traffic?

Both sides of West Campus Boulevard will open when the intersection work at Adriance Lab and the entry to Lot 98 is complete. At this time the project is on schedule and the contractor is making great progress. The intersection should be complete by August 12, barring any unforeseen weather delays.

Why do you think closing all access to Adriance Lab Road from Raymond Stotzer Parkway during Phase 1 is a good idea?

Closing the entire road during Phase 1 allows for a large portion of the project to be completed during the summer months when the on-campus population is at its lowest. Completing this segment over the summer and not extending into the fall semester helps to improve access for personal vehicles, buses, pedestrians and bikes before the campus population peaks in September.

Will the gates be up at the entrances and exits of the parking lots in the area?

There will be times during the project when the gates to parking lots 73 and 98 may be up to allow detours when the usual routes via the roadway are closed for renovation. Appropriate permits will still be required to park, but having the gates up will allow customers with permits for lots beyond the gates to pass through to get to their assigned lots.

What is your plan to safely route pedestrians and bikes during the project?

The magnitude of the work needing to be done will cause inconveniences but will result in significant improvements for all users when the project is complete. Pedestrians, bikes and personal vehicles will have marked detours during the project. Temporary sidewalks, crosswalks and roadways will be used to help provide continuous access during the project.

Why can’t we just keep patching the road?

The subbase of the roadway is failing and is no longer sustaining patches applied to it. Rains wash away the patched material requiring more material, labor and money to keep patching it again. The project will replace the subbase and build the roadway in concrete so the new surface will last for years to come. Additionally, the increase in pedestrian, bike and vehicular traffic warrants improving safety measures in the area which are components of the project.

What path will delivery or construction vehicles use to access sites beyond the construction area?

Care has been taken to establish paths for larger delivery and construction vehicles to access the area during each phase of the project. Coordination should be made well in advance and by emailing ckwillis@tamu.edu for deliveries needing access outside of the established detour routes or through the construction site.

I currently have a Lot 116 permit. I understand that lot will permanently close. Where do I park during and after the renovation?

From June 1 through August 11, your Lot 116 permit will be honored in Lot 18. During the 2017–18 parking permit registration, April 5 – July 5, as a Lot 116 permit holder, you will not be able to renew your permit, so you will need to select a different lot during registration. Customers whose lots are closing due to construction are given higher priority beyond their months of service when awarding parking. Lots 18, 98 and 114 are some of the closest options to your current location and will be considered guaranteed options for Lot 116 permit holders. If you want to request to park somewhere other than Lots 18, 98 or 114, you may do so, but please also list one of these guaranteed options during the registration process.

How does this renovation affect the recycling drop off area?

The recycling drop off area has been temporarily relocated to Fan Field, on west campus, across from the Allen Building and George Bush Library Complex.

Questions? Email us at parking@tamu.edu.