Getting started with Veo

Transportation Services and Veo have partnered to bring shared mobility to the Texas A&M campus community. By signing up with a university email address to access discounted rates, students, faculty, and staff can now unlock and ride one of many pedal and throttle e-bike options located throughout campus. When you are done with your ride, lock it in any bike rack on campus. It’s that simple!

You must register with a university email address to access to discounted rates. Rates subject to change.

Here's how it works


Find a ride.

Use the Veo app to find an available bike near you.

Hand holding phone with Veo app open

Scan to unlock.

Scan the bike’s QR code or enter its ID to unlock it. Enjoy your ride!

Phone unlocking Veo bike

Lock your device to a bike rack or Veo parking area.

When your trip is complete, your bike must be locked to a bike rack or designated Veo parking area within the geofence to end your ride.

Veo parked at bike racks

Pedal bikes

4 affordable options!

$0.50/30 mins





Membership allows for unlimited number of rides per day. Each ride is free through 1 hour (*2 hours for day pass) – additional charges will apply for each ride lasting longer.

Throttle assist bikes

$1 to unlock

$0.25 per minute

Memberships not available for pedal assist bikes