Zimride partnership ending December 30

Read Zimride's announcement and find out what will happen to your account.

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New rideshare partnership for spring 2021 semester

Just in time for the spring 2021 semester we will have a new rideshare partnership. Be on the lookout for that announcement soon!


Texas A&M University Transportation Services, in association with the Environmental Issues Committee (EIC), has partnered with the Zimride social network for ridesharing. In seconds you can set up a profile, search for open seats, or post a ride of your own. With Zimride, it's easy to split the rising costs of commuting with a friend or colleague. Get started today by visiting www.zimride.com/tamu.

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Safety Tips for Ride Sharing

Safety is a primary concern when sharing rides with strangers. Even when using a rideshare program, it is your responsibility to take safety precautions into account on each and every ride. The following safety guidelines are provided in hopes to make your next shared ride a safe ride.

  • Meet in a public place before you agree to ride
  • Take a friend with you when meeting for the first time
  • Trust your instincts – If you feel uncomfortable with this person, don’t ride with him or her
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Look for odd behavior or inconsistencies
  • Once you agree to ride, get as much personal information as possible and verify their information: full name, address, phone number, & place of work
  • Ask for referrals
  • Verify their Driver’s License and Auto Insurance are valid (make a copy of each)
  • Make sure Vehicle Registration and Inspection are up to date
  • Tell a friend or family member where you are going, when, with whom you are going, vehicle description or photo, and Vehicle License Plate Number
  • Communicate your travel plans, directions, & stops along the way with your new travel partner, as well as, with a friend or family member
  • Consider exchanging emergency contact phone numbers before long trips
  • You are under no obligation to travel together. If at any time you have any doubts about your traveling companion, you should avoid traveling with them and immediately change your travel plans.

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