Baseball Parking

Parking Near Reed Arena During Events

Customers with annual permits may now park for FREE at events, including basketball and baseball! Since permit hangtags are no longer used, customers will need to show their barcode to the cashier upon entry. For baseball, Lot 100j is not available for Any Valid Permit parking.

To access your barcode:

Texas A&M permit holders may park for free and must show their barcode upon entry. Permit holders may park in Lots 100e, 100f, and 100g on a space available basis beginning 2.5 hours pre-game.

General parking is available for $5 CASH ONLY in lots marked with the dollar sign on the Baseball Parking Map. This does not include 24 hour numbered, 12th Man or timed spaces.

12th Man reserved lots are marked in BLUE on the Baseball Parking Map and are reserved for 12th Man home baseball game parking.

Faculty, staff and students must vacate Lot 100j prior to 2:00 p.m. before each game. Vehicles may return to this lot after the conclusion of the game.

 No street parking is allowed.

 Parking Map  Baseball Schedule

Please consult the traffic plan maps below for faster travel times to and from games and be sure to park in the available lot closest to your desired exit route.

Pre-game routes: getting to baseball

Post-game routes: leaving baseball

How does Transportation Services notify the permit holders in advance of a time their parking routine may be impacted by a baseball event?

Communication via the following avenues:

  • signage at the lot
  • baseball indication on the campus parking map for the affected parking lots
  • email notification

What does Transportation Services do to try to limit the impact to permit holders?

We work with event host to limit displacing permitted customers prior to 5:00 pm (the time when lot 100 permits are valid in other lots)

What alternate parking lots are provided for lot 100 permit holders?

  • If arriving before and staying beyond 5:00 pm, park in any other section of lot 100a-h.

    Traffic Map

    There are over 3000 other spaces available within lot 100 (less than 23% of the spaces in lot 100 are impacted by the baseball parking plan.)

    Transit Service stops in lot 100c:

    Transit Service Map

  • If arriving after 5:00 pm and before 6:00 am, park in any other plain space in any other lot (except lot 30 and lot 40)

What does Transportation Services do to help minimize the inconvenience to their permitted customers?

When we are asked by the university to reserve certain lots, we work diligently to equitably balance the competing interests of our many customers by negotiating the least amount of time the lots will be unavailable to permit holders. Additionally, alternate lots are provided.

Why are there times when non-permitted customers’ needs are considered a priority?

To maximize the positive experience of our guests, whose money spent and donations given contribute to the health of our revered University. In addition, the revenue generated from visitor parking helps to minimize the increases to annual parking permit prices and to cover the cost of the staff required to work the event.

We recognize that with compromise there is some inconvenience. We are committed to working with hosting departments to help minimize the impact on our permitted customers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Transportation Services

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