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Bicycle Services

Register your bicycle online at My Account:

  • Help identify your bike if lost or stolen
  • Get bike program news and updates
  • Be a part of a growing bike program at A&M
  • FREE!

Bicycle Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Join us for Wheeler Wednesdays!

Free bike check ups, engravings, registration information and more!
Wednesdays, 10am–2pm at The Commons Join us every Wednesday for free bike check ups, information and more! Wednesdays from 10am–2pm at The Commons.
  • Free bike check ups - an experienced bicycle mechanic will diagnose your bicycle, let you know what needs to fixed and how to get it done
  • Free bicycle engravings - get your bicycle engraved with your name and identification information
  • Bicycle registration information - get help finding your registration info on your bike and how to register it
  • Alternative Transportation information - your chance to ask the alternative transportation staff your questions and learn about all our services, from bike lease to car share

Wheeler Wednesday has moved!

We are now located across the street from The Commons at the corner of Lubbock St. and Spence St., next to Food Truck Alley.

New Location

Celebrate Earth Day by switching from horse power to pedal power. Join Transportation Services, Texas A&M University & the Environmental Issues Committee on April 20 for the the second annual Day to Ride!

On April 20, ride your bike to school or work, running errands, for exercise or just for fun in a local park! Biking saves gas, keeps you active and helps save the environment!

Like Texas A&M Day to Ride on Facebook for all your Day To Ride information. Search Texas A&M Day To Ride, like us and use the hashtag #DayToRide to join the conversation!

Day To Ride

 Please note: All bike leases have been sold for the Spring 2017 semester. Leases will become available again Fall 2017.

Leasing a bicycle through Alternative Transportation Services (ATS) and our partner BCS Bicycles will allow you to save time and money. The ATS office offers durable bikes for your transportation needs in and around the Bryan-College Station community. All registered students, faculty, and staff are able to lease bicycles on a semester long basis.

Purchase a semester lease through My Account using the "Purchase Permits" link. Bring an electronic or printed copy of your receipt when you go to BCS Bicycles to be fitted for your lease bicycle.

If you are interested in simply borrowing a bike for a day or weekend please take a look at our Borrow a Bike program.

  • Lease cost:
    • $50/bike for the semester
    • 20% off all purchases from BCS Bicycles (helmet, lights, etc) the day you pick up your bike
  • Bicycle lease includes:
    • A simple and reliable 7-speed geared bicycle
    • Rear rack with a bungee cord
    • Full fenders - protects clothing from dirt, grease, and puddles
    • Comfortable and waterproof seat
    • Kickstand - convenient for parking
    • U-lock with cable
    • A monthly safety/preventative maintenance checkup
    • Help any time the bike needs immediate tuning (low tires, brake adjustment, etc)
  • Each lease covers one full semester with the option to renew.
  • We have a limited number of bicycles each semester so the bikes are leased on a first come first served basis.
  • As stated in the Terms and Conditions of the Bicycle Lease Program, all "normal wear and tear" repairs will be taken care of by BCS Bicycles. The following is a list of repairs not covered by this policy:
    • Lost or Stolen bicycle
    • Frame Destroyed
    • Wheel Replacement
    • Crank Replacement
    • Fender Replacement
    • Lock or lost key Replacement
    • Light Replacement
    • Chain Replacement
    • Seat Replacement

Borrow a Bike is a free program for those that need the use of a bike for a short period of time. If you borrow a bike today, it is due back by 10:00 a.m. the next morning. If you borrow a bike on Friday, it's not due until the following Monday! Customers who do not return their bike by 10:00 a.m. will be charged a $5 late fee. Customers may borrow a bike 12 times per semester.

The program is free to anyone employed by or currently enrolled at Texas A&M University.

The Borrow a Bike program is a basic form of bike share. We ask the Aggie community members that use the program to be conscious about bringing back the bike when you are finished using it so it is available to another Aggie that may need a bike.

Simply stop by our Customer Assistance Center located in 108 Koldus Monday- Friday 8am- 5pm and sign in to borrow a bike and return it to the same location when you are done.

a collaboration with Rec Sports Outdoor Adventures

Located across from the Commons on Lubbock Street (Map)

  • Repair Tools
  • Basic supplies and parts
  • Information and activities

Call 979.458.2820 for hours and information or visit Outdoor Adventures

  • Summer bike storage is in a secure indoor facility.
  • Summer bike storage can be purchased through My Account using the “Purchase Permits” link. Select “Summer Bike Storage” and then print the receipt.
  • Call 979.847-2453 to make an appointment to bring your bike to the storage facility.

Bring your bike, lock, and receipt to the Alternative Transportation Office located in the Transportation Services Motor Pool at the time of your appointment. There is parking in Lot 82/Transit Building (Map) that can be used for the drop off if needed. Don’t forget your lock; you will lock your bike inside the storage facility.

REMINDER: Bike Racks are for bikes currently in use ONLY! Others will be removed!

If you won't be here for the summer and don't plan to use our Summer Bike Storage, please take your bike home.

Throughout the year, the university sells collected bicycles (see Bicycle Regulations) via online public auction.

For more information about the auctions, please contact the Surplus Property Office.

REMINDER: Bike Racks are for bikes currently in use ONLY! Others will be removed!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find information about bike lanes on campus by clicking here.

When riding a bicycle in the road you are considered a vehicle. Always ride on the right side of the road while on campus.

We have thousands of bike racks across campus. Here is a map that can help find the closest one to you.

Nearly all the racks on campus are 24hr parking. That said, we do have a few no overnight racks that are labeled with large white lettering across the top-tube which reads “No bike parking from 11:00pm to 6:00am.” If there is no sign or writing on a rack then it is okay to use for overnight parking. It’s important to keep in mind though that racks on campus are for bicycles currently in use only. All abandoned bicycle will be removed.

You should always lock your bike when not using it on campus. We highly recommend using a hardened steel U-lock.

When bikes are not secured to a bike rack, we will move them to the next available bike rack in that area. If you cannot find your bike on any bike rack, please call us at 979.847.2453 so that we may check the bike impound. 9 times out of 10 the bike has been impounded rather than stolen. In the event that we do not have your bike, you may contact University Police Department at 979.845.2345.

Simply give the Alternative Transportation office a call (979)847-2453 and schedule an appointment to visit the impound. There is no charge associated with retrieving a bicycle from the impound.

We highly recommend getting your bicycle registered with the university as it helps protect your bicycle if it is ever lost or stolen and recovered.

Log in to My Account to register your bike.

You may also upload two pictures (max size 1MB each)

  • Pictures can be added at any time, by logging into My Account
  • We recommend uploading photos that will help in identifying your bike, such as a full image of the bike, scan of your purchase receipt, or picture of your serial number plate.

You can find more information about bike laws here.

If you just want to use a bicycle for the day the university offers a “Borrow-A-Bike” program. Through this program students can borrow a bicycle free of charge up to 24hr. If you need a bicycle for an extended period of time the university also offers a bicycle lease program. For $50 a semester the student receives a bicycle, u-lock, and cable. For more information about either of these programs please visit our website.

If you sell your bike, please remove the bike permit before transferring ownership and return it to Transportation Services in 108 Koldus or mail to 1250 TAMU. If you get a new bike, log into My Account to register it.

No, but you can take it to The Hub (do-it-yourself repair facility) across the street from the Commons on Lubbock Street. You can also bring your bike to Wheeler Wednesday for a check-up from a certified bike mechanic, who will show you how to fix your bike or refer you to an off-campus repair shop if necessary.

All information regarding bicycles on campus can also be found on our website: transport.tamu.edu/bicycles. You can also contact Alternative Transportation by sending them an email at bikes@tamu.edu.