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Permit & Registration Frequently Asked Questions

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Parking Registration Quick Reference

  • Registration is open April 5, 2017 - July 5, 2017
  • Permit assignments are NOT based on when you complete registration, as long as registration is completed during the open registration dates.
  • Five easy steps:
    1. Log in
    2. Select where you want to park
    3. Provide shipping address
    4. Provide payment method
    5. Review request and submit
  • Permit Assignment Priority Criteria:
    1. Current Permit Holders
      All customers that  currently own an active TAMU permit have a higher priority than those who do not.
    2. Months of Service (faculty/staff)
      All faculty/staff are ranked based upon months of service with the university or other state entity. For those with the same months of service the selection is random.
    3. Classification (students)
      All students are ranked based upon class status with graduate and professional students being highest, followed by senior etc. Within each classification the selection is random.
    4. On-Campus Resident
      All resident hall students are a higher priority than commuter students for Lot 30, Lot 40, Lot 122, NSG and SSG.
  • Permits mailed July 14-Aug 1

Student Lots Map

I missed the deadline...

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