2009 Campus Projects

Dates: May 17 – August 30, 2009

Budget: $20,000

Summary: Over 70 motorcycle spaces added to the south side of campus.

new motorcycle parking added on Mosher Lane

Dates: June 13 – August 7, 2009

Budget: $300,000

Summary: Lots 30a and b near the Northside Residence Halls have gone through major renovations over the summer. The existing asphalt was removed and then replaced with a mixture of 6" lime, 6" base and then 2" of asphalt. Drainage for the lot was improved and a larger space for the oak tree in lot 30a was provided. This resulted in the removal of one parking space but allowed for better care of the large oak. Additional motorcycle parking spaces are now found in lot 30 as well as disabled spaces and an improved ramp. Recycled tires provide the material for the new wheel stops, which line the new sidewalk along 30b.

Lot 30 before renovation

lot 30 asphalt is poured 8/03

Lot 30 During construction

lot 30 diabled ramps added

Dates: June 11 – September 15, 2009

Budget: $1.5 million

Summary: Four sections of this lot have gone through numerous improvements: Expansion joints have been added every 30 feet within the newly poured concrete to allow for expansion when the temperatures reach extremes such as those we have experienced this summer. Control joints are placed every 15 feet which "move" with the concrete and prevent cracks. Lighting has been added throughout the lot and especially lot sections D and E, to assist with safety in the area. As with all lots, drainage is very important and these lots have been carefully engineered by Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., to allow for the optimum runoff, which is critical in maintaining the life expectancy of the lot. Lime has been added to the soil prior to the concrete, which allows for better compaction of the soil and therefore provides a more solid base. With 6" of subgrade and another 6" of concrete, these lots should expect at least 30 years of use before any improvements are needed. Dumpster pads have been added throughout lot 36 and customers will now enjoy additional motorcycle parking adjacent to many light poles. The drive lanes have been improved and parking spaces have been enlarged to 9'x18'. Handicapped ramps have also been added. Lot 36 gained 31 spaces.

Lot 36 before renovation

Concrete is poured 6-29

Lot 36 During construction

Lot 36 ready for customers July 13

Dates: October 3, 2008 – March 15, 2009

Budget: $700,000

Summary: The existing pavement in this lot will be refurbished with a mix of asphalt and cement in order to stabilize the surface of the lot. Concrete drainage flumes, slotted drains, and underground piping will be added to aid in water runoff in order to further lessen the wear and tear on the lot.

Lot 1 before construction

Lot 1 during construction

Lot 1 after construction

Dates: September 2008

Budget: $44,000

Summary of improvements: The old asphalt was removed and fly ash added in order to harden the base and eliminate soft spots which can cause potholes. The base is now good and compacted and should benefit from these improvements for at least 10-15 years. The ramp for ADA accessibility was raised near the handicapped spaces.  Re-striping was also completed in the lot.

lot 83 before renovation

ADA ramps have been added

lot 83 completed August 2009