2010 Campus Projects

Dates: Dec 2010 – Mar 2011

Estimated Budget: $900,000

Summary: Resurfacing, restriping and upgrading lighting

lot 97 tear out – concrete instead of asphalt will be used

lot 97 tear out – concrete instead of asphalt will be used

Dates: Dec 2010 – Mar 2011

Budget: $175,000

Summary: 14 new disabled parking spaces will be added to the center of campus

Lot 10 will be expanded in include 14 additional HC spaces

lot 97 tear out – concrete instead of asphalt will be used

Dates: August 2010

Summary: Concrete pads poured for waiting passengers.

new bus pads along Agronomy Road

new bus pad near lot 36 off Agronomy

Dates: July – August 2010

Summary: Portions of 40 b, c and d are being renovated. Repairing subgrade and potholes.

Dates: June – August 2010

Summary: Lot 70 is being resurfaced. New drainage flume added to help surface drainage.

concrete drainage flume

Dates: May 17, 2010 – August 2010

Budget: $2 million

Summary: Improve drainage and landscaping to include protection of existing oak trees. Improve drive lanes. Replace existing parking lot subgrade and surface. Lighting will also be added for improved safety.

lot  renovation plan

Lot 61 before renovation

Lot 61 renovation began May 17

lot 61 aggragate base and asphalt on schedule

increasing size of grass areas to protect trees

Pouring asphalt in lot 61

Asphalt poured at lot 61

Dates: July – August 2010

Budget: $95,000

Summary: Picnic areas added. Nine tables with grills and benches will be added.

picnic tables in place July 2010

9 tables

Dates: January 2010- May 2010

Budget: $1.2 million

Summary: These 3 lots will become 1 lot to decrease number of intersections and make 4-way stop. This will improve traffic flow and safety at Chandler and Olsen. Remove existing asphalt in 100j and replace with concrete. Improve ADA compliance in 100j and k.

Lot 100j before renovation

100j in the process of subgrade stabilization

Placing concrete in 100k

placing concrete in lot 100k

100 j almost complete

crosswalk added for safety

Project completion: January 2010

Budget: $5000

Summary: This lot is close to the center of campus. The existing lot was reduced by construction in the area. Transportation Services removed old striping and curb painting before increasing the number of ADA spaces within the lot. Disabled parking signs have been added along with new paint and wheel stops.

Lot 5 newly renovated with additional ADA spaces