2012 Campus Projects

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Check out these amazing photos of the future underground passageway connecting West Campus to Main Campus under Wellborn Road. Details will be posted as information is available.

aerial view


passageway connecting west and main campus

Photos courtesy of Klotz Engineering – Project Managers

Dates: April 23 – September 7, 2012

Summary: The Koldus Bldg. and Rudder Tower plazas including Joe Routt Blvd. between S. Houston St. and Throckmorton will be closed for renovation. The project will enhance the beauty and accessibility of the area between Rudder Tower and the Koldus Building by:

  • adding two mid-block crossings with a single level surface from door-to-door
  • improving two existing cross-walks to meet accessibility standards
  • removing and recycling paver bricks mounted on a concrete surface to avoid unevenness caused by settling
  • increasing the width of the loading circle at Rudder Tower and defining the two lanes by a 4’ wide unloading area separating them
  • extending the one-way configuration of Joe Routt to match the area south of the Memorial Student Center
  • creating bi-directional bike lanes
  • installing planter boxes with seating ledges to enhance gathering space under the shade of the trees while limiting pedestrian crossings at locations other than cross-walks
  • replacing trees designated by a certified arborist as in poor, fair or stressed condition

Joe Routt Renovation  

aerial view of Joe Routt

Lots 10, 12, 15, 19, 21 & 28 – Repair and resurface parking lot

Lot 10a

Lot 12

Lot 19

Lot 21

Lot 15

lot 46

lot 46/48

lot 96

lot 37

lot 28

lot 23

lot 23

RV Field

Summary: RV Field has been added as an additional RV lot for football game weekends – weather permitting

Summary: Replace joint sealants

Dates: July 18 – September 6, 2012

Summary: This project includes a new concrete surface, upgraded lighting and an additional disabled parking space and pedestrian path improvements.

Lot 46

Lot 48

lot 48 2

Summary: Grass Parking added across Research Pkwy from Presidential Conference Center for event parking.

Fan Field near Lot 111