COVID-19 Updates

During this time when things may be different, we want to make sure you have the latest information about our services so you can get around campus hassle free.

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. At the same time, we are dedicated to providing the very best service to you under even the most challenging circumstances.

Changes in the way people get around campus include continued restrictions on the number of passengers on buses. We understand more people may want to use personal vehicles, bikes or other single person modes to get to their destinations, and we want to support the choice that is best for your health and safety.

We want you to know we remain committed to serving and protecting you. We will update this page with more information as it becomes available.


If you are concerned about riding the bus, parking is another option for your added security. We have the capacity to support more parkers this year and invite you to either purchase a parking permit or to use hourly paid parking.

Parking Permits

Customers who do not already own a parking permit may log in to purchase permits for available locations.

Polo Rd. Garage (PRG) is our newest facility with over 1,700 spaces near the Emerging Technologies Building. Remember, most students will get assigned parking on West Campus and either walk, bike or bus to their classes and other destinations.

Short Term Parking Available for Customers without Parking Permits

We do not recommend relying on paid hourly parking as your primary strategy for accessing campus. One new paid parking location offered Fall 2020 is the new Polo Rd. Garage (PRG).

Check out real-time occupancy for paid parking in garages so you know before you go by checking to see if there will be space when you get to campus!

Parking FAQs

No. The standing policy for parking permits allows for permits to be returned at any time until July 1. If you return your permit, you will retain your priority based upon your classification as a student or employee, but it is important to note, you will no longer receive higher priority as a current permit holder when registering for parking for the 2020-2021 academic year. You will not be guaranteed to return to your current parking assignment location.

For the contactless return of your permit, email with the following information:

  • Name
  • UIN
  • Photo of your permit (before it is cut up into 5 pieces)
  • Photo of your permit cut into at least 5 pieces

When customers purchase a permit, we guarantee they will find a space to park in their assigned location. To guarantee space for in your designated lot or garage, we must not sell more permits than will allow everyone to park if they choose.

Additionally, customers who have permits this year are guaranteed the ability to renew next year for the same location, unless construction requires closing the lot or if the customer is no longer eligible for the location. This prevents us from selling more permits now to make up for the lost revenue from partial refunds.

Additionally, Transportation Services is self-funded, where user fees and parking permit revenue makes up half the budget. We must maintain the income to continue to cover the services to our customers and to support the salaries for our employees.

In many cases, if you return your permit for a prorated refund and later want to buy a permit again, you can maintain your place in that or an adjacent parking area with the exception of high-demand locations, which have extensive waiting lists.

Parking areas west of Wellborn Rd. are widely available for employee parking without a wait. If you park on West Campus and return your permit for a prorated refund, you can usually return to the same or an adjacent parking area.

For areas east of Wellborn Rd., there is generally space immediately available for employees in all of the garages except Central Campus Garage. Surface lots on east campus with immediate availability for employees are on the perimeter of campus, such as Lots 8, 26, 30, 40, 48, 50, 51, 60 and 62.

If there is not space in the location the employee had before returning the permit, they may select the nearest location from what is available and add themselves to the waiting list for the preferred lot(s) or garage.

See map below:

Employee parking map

Hourly Visitor Parking is available on campus. Some hourly visitor parking areas accept contactless payment through your mobile phone via the ParkMobile App.

Ride the bus (park and ride is serviced by Route 34 and located on Welsh Ave. at the First Baptist Church of College Station).


Transit Policies

  • Face coverings required for drivers and passengers
  • No more than 40 passengers per bus
  • Enter using front door
  • Exit using rear door
  • When possible, maintain distance from other passengers and the driver
  • If a bus reaches capacity of 40 people, it will bypass stops until the number of passengers drops below the capacity limitations

Aggie Spirit Bus Walkthrough

Service Updates

We are constantly monitoring occupancy and adjusting service levels. Check bus schedules regularly for the most current information and real time bus locations.

For additional face covering info, see university Standard Administrative Procedure and FAQs

Bus Cleaning and Disinfecting

Extensive bus cleaning and disinfecting with products and methods prescribed by the CDC for reducing the spread of illness.

If you are not feeling well and especially if you are running a fever, please do not board the buses.

a cyclist rides in town

Additional Mobility Options

In addition to buses, we offer a variety of mobility options that support all Aggies in being sustainable, including car share and bike share.

Veo COVID-19 update

We encourage you to consider all options, keep a multi-modal mindset and have a Plan B! We will continue to update this site as information about transportation becomes more widely available. We look forward to welcoming you on campus!