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Texas A&M has developed a Campus Master Plan that provides the framework for creating a more urban experience, prioritizing pedestrians, cycling and transit over personal-use vehicles. As a student living on campus, the best option is usually to leave your car parked and use one of these green transportation modes. Read more about each of these options below.

Alternative Transportation

Without question, the fastest way to get around campus is on a bicycle. Whether you own a bike or are interested in learning more about our bike share and bike lease programs, having access to a bike will save you time and give you the greatest amount of flexibility.

But our alternative transportation team has more to offer than just bikes. We're committed to keeping our campus green and giving you reliable, environmental-friendly mobility options. Check out our programs below.


We provide on- and off-campus bus service free to students, faculty and staff. Buses run different schedules for class days, evenings, weekends, special events and holidays. Plan your trips by checking real-time schedules and routes, available at or

Buses can fill up fast, especially at the start of the semester, so try to arrive to your bus stop early. Again, we encourage you to consider all options, keep a multi-modal mindset and have a Plan B!


To park on campus, you must either purchase a parking permit or pay for visitor parking.

Parking Permits

A parking permit can be requested at during the registration period from April 8 through July 8. After registration closes, any available remaining parking permits can be purchased online only beginning August 1.

Different parking bundles are available to you depending on which area of campus our dorm is located. See which bundles are available to you on our on-campus parking permit page. Assignment of parking permits is based on customer priority.

I have a permit, now what?

Permits are valid at certain places on campus during designated hours. Different rules apply for class days, weekends, special events and holidays. Check out the following links to learn more.

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