Transportation Services Showcase Mobile Web

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Published: May 3, 2010

bus marquee changes text

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Texas A&M University Transportation Services has begun campaigning our mobile website, Every bus in the system is utilizing its digital marquees to read, “Whens the next bus?”, “Go Mobile”, “”. “Bus Routes” is the most popular application to date in the Texas A&M Mobile community. Broken down by bus routes, the highest demanded routes are:

  1. 12-Reveille
  2. 33-Texas Aggies
  3. 36-Cottonbowl
  4. 27(Weekend)-Ring Dance
  5. 27-Ring Dance
  6. 01-Bonfire

For those of you out there utilizing our tools, we thank you. We are here to better serve you and Texas A&M University.  Special thanks to Transportation Services, and their cooperation throughout this entire project. As always, give us feedback on how we are doing,