TAMU Students Travel To West


Published: May 6, 2013

TAMU Students Travel to West

Dozens of Texas A&M University students woke up early Saturday morning to head out to West to help with recovery efforts.

The Aggies traveled in a three-bus caravan led by one of the university's "Aggie Spirit" transports.

Volunteers will assist in Red Cross efforts to further organize and categorize donations and supplies that have been sent to West as part of its recovery efforts.

For some Aggies, it's a good break from final exams that began Friday.

"We are going up to West because that is a community that needs help, and selfless service is something that Aggies are supposed to do, and it is something that we are taught to do. We are going to help out our fellow Texans and show them that Aggieland cares,” said Tyler Stewart, a Texas A&M University student.

This was the Aggies’ second convoy to West. The first was spontaneous, after the students conducted informal efforts to collect necessities for residents in West.