Zipcar Arrives at Texas A&M


By Ian Smith

Published: October 21, 2015

In celebration of Texas A&M's 7th Annual Campus Sustainability Fair, the university's Transportation Services unit unveiled the Zipcar program to students. 

And those cars are already on campus. 

For student Rhyan Aljoe, taking the Zipcar out for a spin is a nice break for his wallet. 

"You can reserve one for relatively cheap, gas is included, insurance is included and honestly, it's probably cheaper than owning a car," said Aljoe. 

You can rent a Zipcar for as little as $7.50 per hour. 

"About a third of our on-campus residents don't own a car because they don't have a parking pass, so we wanted to figure out a way that they could get around the Bryan College Station area and car share seemed like a great fit for that," said Ron Steedly, the Texas A&M Sustainable Transportation manager. 

Those who reserve a Zipcar use a Zipcard to unlock the car and have several choices when selecting a car including two Ford Escapes and a Nissan Versa. 

Those wanting to use the Zipcars must become a first-time member for $15.