Texas A&M partners with company to roll out new bike sharing program


By Caroline Sutton, Digital Content Producer

Published: February 27, 2018

Texas A&M Transportation Services is partnering with ofo, the largest station-free bike share company, to create a bike share program on campus.

"We are excited about collaborating with ofo and the opportunity this partnership brings to the Texas A&M campus," Peter Lange, Associate Vice President of Transportation Services said. "With the continued growth of our community we are always evaluating new innovations for modes of travel and the station-free bike share system offers the reliability and ease of access that we want to provide for our customers," he said.

Over 500 yellow bikes were brought to an event at the university on Tuesday where community members had the opportunity to learn about the program.

"Students riding bikes around campus isn’t new, but what is unique about ofo and its innovative model is that these bikes are shared among riders and can be parked in any on-campus bike rack, removing the need for personal bikes and docking stations that take up space. This model saves money students would have spent on purchasing and maintaining their own bikes," said Sustainable Transportation Services Manager Ron Steedly, who initiated the implementation of the distinctive and widely available bike share system on campus.

All rides will be free for the next two weeks.

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