Donations For Citations Campaign Collects 1,970 Pounds Of Food For Brazos Valley Food Bank

Texas A&M Today

By Melissa Maraj, Texas A&M Transportation Services

Published: April 26, 2018

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The Texas A&M Transportation Services annual Food for Fines campaign collected 1,970 pounds worth of food item donations for the Brazos Valley Food Bank. (Texas A&M University Transportation Services)

Texas A&M University Transportation Services recently held a “Donations for Citations” food drive event that offered community members the opportunity to donate food or personal care items in exchange for a credit of up to $30 towards their university parking citation. Donations were delivered to the Brazos Valley Food Bank by representatives of the department.

“The Texas A&M community came together to make this year’s event a huge success. In the true giving spirit of the Aggie community, together we provided 1,642 meals to help feed our neighbors in need,” said associate vice president Peter Lange of Transportation Services.

A donation of at least 10 food items or five personal items was required to get up to $30 off of a parking citation. To assist with the collection, Transportation Services set up a pick-up station in their Customer Service office, located in the Koldus building, and as soon as the campaign kicked off the donations started coming in.

In total, 1,970 pounds of donations were collected during the campaign and delivered to the Brazos Valley Food Bank. All donated items will be processed for redistribution to members of the community who may benefit from receiving them.

“It was really great seeing the students come out to donate for a good cause and their generosity helped us to exceed our expectations for this year’s campaign,” said Customer Service Manager Therese Kucera.

For information on how to donate to the Brazos Valley Food Bank, visit

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