APO Spotlight – Texas A&M University Transportation Services

International Parking Institute

Published: May 2018

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Transportation Services is an empowered team of professionals dedicated to providing efficient, dynamic and innovative fleet, parking and transit services to the community. We support the teaching, research and public service mission of Texas A&M University, with focus on customer service and communication. Their vision is to be the premier transportation services provider in the nation.

Managing a budget of more than $43 million annually, Transportation Services maintains a power house of productivity with more than 170 budgeted and 350 student employees that make up the team. With operations spanning more than 5,000 acres on one of the largest campuses in the nation, Transportation Services provides critical services to the Texas A&M community of more than 70,000.

Why did your organization apply for APO status?

Texas A&M University Transportation Services decided to apply for the International Parking Institute’s Accredited Parking Organization designation as a way of taking a closer look at our policies and procedures as compared to the professional “gold standard” IPI has set for the parking industry. Accredited certification indisputably demonstrates compliance to a management system standard and or goal was to achieve this well-respected rubber-stamping of compliance for our organization.

The overall experience provided useful insight into our operations and the evaluative process gave us a structure by which we could systematically evaluate our practices and identify areas where we can improve.

Who led the accreditation process in your organization?

Associate Director Debbie Hoffmann and Assistant Director Kenny Kimball.

What criteria had the most impact to your organization?

Although the section where we missed the most points was Sustainability, the criteria we most likely incorporate more immediately and thoroughly as changes to our operation were from the Asset Maintenance section.

Did this accreditation enable your organization to gain greater public recognition?

We have garnered public recognition from administrators and peers across the university and the industry.

What types of organizations would you encourage to apply?

We encourage any parking operation to apply since the criteria are thorough in covering detailed aspects each organization should be watching to maintain a successful and secure business. We believe It can definitely add credibility to your operation. With over 450 categories on the matrix, sharing the process with community partners helps them to understand the complexity of the checks and balances we have in place.

What other awards/recognition has your organization achieved in the parking industry?

  • IPI APO with Distinction Designation
  • IPI Parking Matters® Award Marketing and Communications (2017)
  • Association of Commuter Transportation (ACT) 40 Under 40—Jeff Puckett (2016)
  • ACT Marketing and Outreach—Sustainable Transportation Wheeler Wednesday (2016)
  • Gregg Stuenkle and Joel Luce—College Station Citizen’s Award
  • The League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly University Bronze Designation (2015)
  • ACT—Bob Owens TDM Champions Award—Ron Steedly (2015)
  • IPI Parking Supervisor of the Year—Clint Willis (2015)
  • IPI James M Hunnicutt, CAPP Parking Professional of the Year—Peter Lange (2015)
  • IPI Parking Staff Member of the Year—Cindy Ishaq (2015)
  • TPTA Award of Excellence—Gameday Experience (2015)
  • Best of College Station—RV Park (2015)
  • IPI Award of Merit (2013)
  • IPI Supervisor of the Year—June Broughton (2012)
  • NPA Innovative Parking Organization of Year (2012)
  • IPI Parking Organization of the Year (2009)

Please share a testimonial(s) about the APO program (attributed to someone on your leadership team) that shares insight on the process, program, or results.

“The International Parking Institute’s Accredited Parking Organization designation has become a professional “gold standard” for the parking industry. At Texas A&M University Transportation Services, we decided to ‘Go for Gold’ and apply for the APO designation. Our experience in attaining this “with distinction” award has been a positive one. This deep dive into our policies and procedures was very healthy for us. While it was encouraging to quantify and centralize the data on everything we already do, it was enlightening to see what still needed to be done. None of what needed to be done was out of our reach, however, as we already had the framework in place to hang the final results.” Peter Lange, Associate Vice President, Transportation Services

Anything additional you would like to share?

Even if you aren’t thinking about applying, the matrix is a great self-evaluation tool. We do suggest reviewing the matrix first and working to meet the criteria before applying to ensure enough elements can be successfully cleared before initiating the formal review process.