Majority of ofo bicycles picked up in Bryan and College Station


By Clay Falls

Published: Jan 11, 2019

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - The yellow ofo rental bikes are almost completely gone from Bryan and College Station.

The bike share service shut down in December, but some of the bikes are still hanging around. ofo struggled after it launched in the community last year. There were issues with bikes being left in improper places and not being retrieved by ofo staff in a timely manner.

The failed ofo bike share experiment has just a few remaining signs left. Texas A&M Transportation Services said the majority of the yellow bikes have been picked up. You can contact them for pickup if you still see any.

"I've been seeing a lot of yellow bikes. I've complained to the City of College Station who referred me to Texas A&M Transportation," said Brennan Marshall, who works in College Station.

Ofo Bike on Campus

He said for several weeks he saw four ofo bikes on George Bush Drive West near Easterwood Airport. After reporting them back before Christmas, he says they were picked up Friday.

"Very, very slow," Marshall added. He was disappointed with how the Chinese-based company performed in Aggieland. "I don't think they were doing a good job," he said.

At Texas A&M and around the community you can now see teal-colored bikes. VeoRide has partnered with A&M to provide bike sharing service after ofo didn't work out. Learn more about the new bike share company in the related links section.

Marshall is interested to see how the new service works out and hopeful ofo becomes just a memory soon.

"Now that these have been taking care of, I think the rest of them will be taken care of real quickly," he said.

KBTX has asked for details from Texas A&M Transportation Services on how they'll get rid of the bikes. They told us Friday they hope to do that in a sustainable way.

To report an ofo bike that needs to be picked up, you can contact