Leftover ofo bikes donated to local organizations

Ofo may not be the ride-share vendor in town anymore, but its bikes will continue to help the community.


By Kacey Bowen

Published: Feb 6, 2019

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — While VeoRide has taken over as the ride-share company for Texas A&M, ofo bikes will still be around town.

Texas A&M Transportation Services and the City of College Station partnered together to donate leftover ofo bikes back to the community.

"It is a benefit to our community because we have people who don't have access to transportation, so these are great quality bikes that can help them get to work, school and wherever they need to go," said Debbie Eller, director of community services for College Station.

Eller added that over 23 different local organizations were gifted bikes today.

"Instead of recycling these bikes we thought it would be great to reach out to our non-profit partners in the community to see if they had clients that would benefit from receiving these bicycles," said Eller.

TAMU Transportation Services said the bikes will help those who may need help getting around town.

"That person has options and freedoms and the ability to get around and do things that they would not have otherwise had, so in my heart, that's just a great feeling," said Ron Steedly with A&M Transportation.

The first round of bikes were donated today. A&M added they will continue to donate bikes to organizations that may need them.

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