Transportation Services Donates 3,642 Pounds Of Food And Goods

Texas A&M Today

By Melissa Marie Maraj, Texas A&M University Transportation Services

Published May 7, 2019

Texas A&M Transportation Services collected 3,642 pounds of food and personal care items for the 12th Can Food Pantry on campus during its annual Donations for Citations campaign.

Texas A&M University Transportation Services wrapped up the “Donations for Citations” campaign that offered community members the opportunity to donate food or personal care items in exchange for a credit of up to $35 towards their university parking citation.

Donations were delivered to the 12th Can Food Pantry on campus Friday by representatives of the department.

In total, 3,642 pounds of donations were collected during the campaign and delivered to the 12th Can Food Pantry. All donated items will be processed for redistribution to students, faculty, and staff of Texas A&M in need of assistance.

“We are pleased with having the opportunity to partner with the 12th Can Food Pantry to collect food and personal care items for donation to Aggie students, faculty, staff and their families in a time of need,” said Associate Vice President, Peter Lange, Transportation Services. “This has truly been an incredible effort by the Texas A&M community, who came together to make this year’s Donations for Citations campaign a tremendous success.

To have received up to $35 off of their parking citation either 10 food items or five personal items had to have been received. Read more on Texas A&M Today To assist with the collection, Transportation Services set up a pick-up station in their Customer Service office, located in the Koldus building, and as soon as the campaign kicked off the donations started coming in.

“The 12th Can opened its doors on November 2013 and since then we have been able to serve over 90,000 pounds of food to Texas A&M faculty, staff, and students who are victims of food insecurity,” 12th Can Food Pantry Public Relations Director Aylin Gurrusquieta said. “Today we received a donation of 3,642 pounds of food from Donations for Citations. With this food we will be able to serve over 120 families and their dependents. Without these generous donations we would not be able to continue running the food pantry. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Transportation Services for their Donations for Citations food drive. This donation will mean a lot to our Aggie clients. We look forward to continue working together to BTHO Hunger.”

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