Lower decibel train horn to dim noise on Wellborn Road


By Haley Seale

Published Feb 6, 2020

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Good news for Texas A&M students and staff! Noise on Wellborn Road is about to get a bit quieter.

On Wednesday, the university, City of College Station, TxDOT and the Union Pacific Railroad demonstrated a lower decibel train horn.

The demonstration took place at the Grade Crossing at George Bush Drive and Wellborn Road.

The horn would be significantly quieter than the loud train horns of north and southbound freight trains through campus.

"That wayside horn focuses that sound, and that would be one treatment that we would do at the Bush-Wellborn crossing. The other crossings are going to get improvements to the gate systems, to the medians that will better channelize pedestrians and cyclists and to keep everybody absolutely safe," said Peter Lange, Associate Vice President of Transportation Services at Texas A&M.

In addition, the City hopes to have a quiet zone in place from the George Bush crossing up to F&B Road.

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