Local bus services making sure you feel safe and comfortable to ride buses again

Buses in Bryan College Station have seen a drastic decrease in the number of riders.


By Sunny Tsai

Published: February 2, 2021

BRYAN, Texas — According to the CDC, masks are required to be worn on all forms of public transportation beginning today.

“The buses are sprayed or fogged every seven days or every weekend, with a chemical called Vital Oxide that has a seven day efficacy. We also have models of that same Vital Oxide wipes on the bus so during the day the drivers will wipe down the high touch points, stanchions and the seats and stuff like that, the doors as they go out,” said Texas A&M Transit Manager Justin Tippy.

A similar protocol goes for the buses of the Brazos Transit District as well.

“We sanitize them with wipes as well as with sanitation solution, as well as we sanitize our facilities, so our transfer points and our offices as well. We do it hourly,” said Brazos Transit District Development and Planning Director Taslima Khandaker.

Buses are still running the same routes every day and all drivers and riders are required to wear a mask.

“If we have a passenger that’s getting on the bus that doesn’t have a mask, we remind them of the policy and we haven’t had any issues at all whatsoever,” said Tippy.

With many students attending classes online, and others working from home, these buses have been seeing less riders over the last year. "

“Since the beginning of covid-19 we’ve seen a decrease of ridership on our buses, it has decreased about 50-60% but in the last couple months, it has increased at a slow gradual rate, said Khandaker.”

Texas A&M is also running less buses around campus..

"[It's[ just because we don't have very many people on campus. Normally during a fall spring semester, on average we carry about 50 thousand passengers a day and right now we’re averaging about nine thousand passengers a day,” said Tippy.

Although the demand right now to ride buses may be lower than usual, these transportation facilities are still limiting the number of riders at one time to practice social distancing

Brazos transit district is currently offering free rides to get your covid-19 vaccination. Contact BTD with your appointment and your pickup and drop off location.

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