Texas A&M becomes first university in the state to operate electric buses


By Jonathan Buck

Published: August 10, 2021

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — Texas A&M University is celebrating a significant milestone. They are the first university in Texas to operate electric buses.

In a ceremony this morning on the A&M campus, school leaders, along with the Brazos Transit District, officially recognized the buses as the newest members of the fleet.

The buses arrived on campus in mid-June and have been running on multiple routes since July.

While being tested, the buses have been able to go 12 hours between charges.

"It's very cool to have new technology this is the latest and greatest electric bus technology from proterra we've got the largest battery pack that they do and it's the newest motor as well so we're very excited to have these running on campus we've been running them now this is our fourth week in service, full service we were testing them out on all sorts of different routes and we're running them out to RELLIS we're running them on campus and they are lasting 12 hours and making it back home safe. " shared Peter Lange, associated Vice President of Transportation Services, Texas A&M.

The buses came to A&M thanks to a shared 14 million dollar grant put in through a partnership between Texas A&M Transportation Services and the Brazos Transit District.

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