The Dutch junction, which was developed in the Netherlands and refined in other locations, moves bicyclists in front of vehicles at the intersection, increasing the protection for bicyclists.

The key to its design is the islands at the intersection corners. They separate cars and bicyclists turning right; they also move bicyclists traveling straight into the view of automobiles and away from their blind spot.

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The Texas A&M Dutch-Junction is located at the corner of Bizzell and Ross Streets, bordering Lot 54; it is an unsignalized on-campus crossing with high pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle volumes.

With nearly 70,000 students, faculty and staff traveling to and from campus daily, the intersection enhances the safe flow of vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic in this area.


In 2016, Transportation Services initiated the rehabilitation of Lots 16 and 54, including the rehabilitation of adjacent sections of Ross Street and sidewalks. This project was a part of a multi-year lot renovation plan.

This rehabilitation project included the implementation of a Dutch-Junction intersection, which aligned the intersections on Bizzell and Ross Streets with the access to the parking lot to improve vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian access and safety in this area of campus. The intersection and particularly the bike lanes and pedestrian paths were further enhanced with the demarcation of the bike lanes in green paint which is used to illustrate the bicycle pathways.


The map below illustrates how to use the intersection, whether you're a bicyclist, motorist or pedestrian.
infographic explaining how to navigate the intersection

Use green lanes to turn left

The green bike lanes provide a safer option to turn left than using the vehicle lanes to turn across the face of traffic. Yield to pedestrians and moving vehicles when riding through intersections.

turning from Ross onto Bizzell
turning from Bizzell onto Bizzell
turning from Bizzell into Lot 54

At a glance


A rider inspects the lane


Facing campus


Entering the junction

Since the unveiling of the Dutch Junction, additional green bike markings have been installed throughout campus to guide bicyclists safely through lane gates on campus. The installation of additional green bike markings is anticipated.

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