Lots 16 & 54 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of the project?

We are continuing with our multi-year lot renovation plan and are pleased to inform you that Lots 16 and 54 and the adjacent sections of Ross Street and sidewalks are scheduled for rehabilitation. These renovations will include resurfacing, restriping and upgraded lighting. It is estimated this project will cost approximately $1.2 million and will take at least 90 days to complete. The renovation of Lots 16 and 54 and the adjacent sections of the Ross/Bizzell intersection and sidewalks are included. This project will align the intersections on Bizzell and Ross Streets with the access to the parking lot to improve vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian access and safety in this area of campus. The intersection and particularly the bike lanes and pedestrian paths will be improved with a design called a Dutch Junction.

What is the pedestrian route to lots 47 and 51 during renovation?

A Pedestrian Route PDF has been created for viewing and printing.

What is the timeline for the project?

May 9 – mid-August. Completion date is scheduled for August 15, but additional days may be needed to complete striping and signage installation.

For more details about the renovation phases effecting Lots 16 & 54, view the Parking & Traffic Advisory notification.

If I have a permit for Lot 16 or 54, when will I know where I will be assigned to park while my lot is closed for construction?

Customers displaced by the project were sent an electronic survey to determine where they would like to park during construction. The due date for responding to the survey was Friday, April 8. Survey responses are being reviewed now and compared to available space nearest Lots 16/54. Temporary assignments should be complete and customers notified by the end of the first week of May.

Temporary parking in Northside Garage is more convenient than the options listed in the survey I received. Could I park in Northside Garage while my lot is being renovated?

Yes. Email parking@tamu.edu to make this request.

Where in the area may I park with my Business permit while Lot 54 is closed?

Demand for Business parking usually diminishes some during the summer months. There are 12 2-hour Business spaces in Lot 55, on the south side of the Jack K. Williams Administration Building. The Golf Lot and Central Campus Garage are other nearby areas authorized for Business parking. Click here to see the Business parking map.

Where will our Departmental Visitor Spaces from Lot 16/54 be placed during the time the lots are closed for construction?

Departmental Visitor Spaces from Lots 16 & 54 will temporarily be relocated to Lot 55, on the south side the Jack K. Williams Administration Building, for the duration of the project.

If customers want to continue parking in Lot 16 or 54 in fall 2016 after the renovation is complete, what should they do?

Register online now through July 6 to renew your current permit. Lot 16 customers, please note the two areas will be consolidated and called Lot 54.

If I currently park in a reserved numbered space in lot 16 or 54, when will I know my new space number?

Transportation Services will contact you with your new reserved space number before the end of May. View a map with space location information.

Lots 16 & 54 Site Plan

If I need disabled or accessible parking in the area, where should I park?

Disabled parking spaces are highlighted on this map. Additionally, with a county-issued disabled hangtag or disabled license plate PLUS a TAMU parking permit, a person may park in any available unrestricted/unnumbered space.

What progress is being made on the renovation of Lot 54? (updated 8/16/16)

Transportation Services has been notified that the renovation of Lot 54 is progressing quickly now but is a bit behind schedule. The contractor does still anticipate being able to allow customers to park vehicles on the surface by August 29, but work on the lighting, irrigation and landscaping will continue beyond this date. Customers with Lot 54 permits should continue to park in your temporary assignments until August 29.

For additional information, email parking@tamu.edu, click the live chat link at the top of this page or call 979-862-PARK (7275).