Transit Advertising

All content and designs must be approved by Transportation Services prior to printing. We have the right to refuse any ad. The advertiser agrees to pay for the cost of printing. Advertising must be paid prior to posting. Non-payment may result in cancellation.

Printing Specifications:

5mil laminate for sturdiness
1/4" margin recommended to avoid cropping issues
FINISHED DIMENSIONS MUST BE NO LARGER THAN 11"H x 28"W (including laminate). Larger banners may not fit in the rack and will be returned for trimming. This may delay posting of your banners.


Affiliate advertising rate is $10.00 per ad per month (full months only) with 46 or 81 ads displayed. Student organizations may choose to advertise on only 25 of the buses. Advertising space is limited and sold on a first come, first served basis. December and January will count as one month because of the winter break, but all other months will be charged for a full month, regardless of holidays or breaks in service. Printing costs are separate and the printer must be paid directly by the advertiser. We can assist in coordinating printing and laminating for you.
NOTE: Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for production time and 2 business days for processing/posting banners once banners are delivered to our office.

Standards for Advertising
Other Advertising Opportunities

Deliver banners at least 2 business days prior to posting to:
ATTN: Marketing & Communications

322 Polo Rd., Suite 350
College Station, TX 77843

Organization Information

Requestor Information
Billing Information
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System Part Codes

02 - Texas A&M University
06 - Texas AgriLife Research
07 - Texas AgriLife Extension Services
08 - Texas Engineering Experiment Station
09 - Texas Engineering Extension Services
11 - Texas Forest Services
12 - Texas Transportation Institute
20 - Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab
23 - Health Science Center
68 - SOFC Account
99 - Research Foundation

Use 00000 for last 5 digits if unknown/unspecified
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