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MSC Streets Renovation

Bus at MSC

Phase 1

Dec. 2018–July 2019

West Lamar St. closed to vehicle traffic past Gene Stallings Blvd. Vehicles may access West Lamar St. at the Bell Tower and turn right onto Gene Stallings Blvd. but cannot continue on West Lamar St.

Phase 2

July 2019–August 2019

West Lamar St. closed to all vehicle traffic, access Gene Stallings Blvd. only from Joe Routt Blvd.

Phase 3

October 2019–December 2019

West Lamar St. open

Phase 4

December 2019–March 2020

West Lamar St. closed to all vehicle traffic

We understand the congestion this construction project is causing and we are working to keep you informed throughout this process. Please understand the project is a complete overhaul of the area and it is not feasible to complete the two-year project only when class is not in session. The project will produce smoother streets and much better conditions for pedestrians, bicycles and motorists.

We appreciate your patience during this large road rehabilitation and as long-term improvements are made to our campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Cain Garage may be accessed via Joe Routt Blvd. during all phases of construction.

Routes that normally stop on West Lamar St. have been moved to Old Main Dr. Visit the Bus Routes page for info on each route.

The project is a complete overhaul of the area and the timeline needed cannot fit into summer.