Gated Facility Parking

What options will I have for accessing my gated area?

All permits assigned to a gated facility will receive a physical access device that must be scanned to access gated facilities.

You may use the following options interchangeably:

  1. Scan your access device (details)
  2. Swipe your Aggie ID card (details)
  3. Use a hands-free device
  4. Students do not have a hands-free option
  5. WCG/WGR must use their access device to swipe in and out

Login to My Account to view your access methods or Request Activation of your Texas Toll Tag.

The system will allow only one vehicle per permit to be in the facility at any given time. More on gated facility parking.

DO NOT DISCARD your access device. Access devices do not expire annually. The device will remain active as long as your parking assignment is in a gated facility.

What if I forget my hands-free device when I switch vehicles?

If you normally use a hands-free transponder but take another vehicle to campus, either swipe your access device or your Aggie ID.

What if I am eligible to receive a hands-free transponder but do not yet have one?

Bring your picture ID to Polo Rd. Building, Suite 350 to request/purchase one.

If I purchase a gated facility parking permit online, how do I park until I receive an access device?

If you are moving to a new gated facility, your permit is not valid in the facility until August 10, 2024. If you have not received your access device in the mail by August 10, 2024, login to My Account to print and display your receipt (temporary permit) on your dashboard and swipe your Aggie ID until your permit arrives in the mail.

Prior to August 10, you may park in Summer Lots.

My new Aggie ID does not work at the gate. What should I do?

If your Aggie ID is not working, call 979.862.PARK to request assistance.

I have an old Aggie ID card. Do I need a new one?

No. However, if you want to use your Aggie ID card to access a gated lot, it must have a magnetic stripe on the back.

Aggie ID

How do I get more information about Aggie ID cards?

Visit the Aggie ID Card Office website

Are there numbered spaces in the garages?

Yes and No. Numbered spaces are available to faculty and staff in the Northside and the University Center Garages. Customers without numbered spaces may park in the first available unnumbered space above the second level gates. Numbered spaces are easily recognizable by the number posted on the curb at front of the space and a white band at the back of the space.

Do I have to be an on-campus resident to request garage parking?

No. Customers are not required to be residents to request garage parking.

If I have a garage permit, how do I know where to park?

All customers with Southside Garage, Central Campus Garage, Gene Stallings Blvd. Garage, Polo Rd. Garage or West Campus Garage should enter the garage and park in any unnumbered space you desire.

All customers with Northside Garage or University Center Garage permits must go above the visitor level(s) and pass through the second level gates to enter the authorized virtual permit section.

  • If you have been assigned a space number, pass through the second level gates, locate your assigned space and park. You are authorized to park in your assigned space only.
  • If you have been assigned an unnumbered space, pass through the second level gates and park in any unnumbered space you desire. Do not park in disabled spaces unless you are displaying the appropriate disabled parking hangtag or license plate.
  • Using your garage permit to park on the visitor level is considered theft of service and can result in deactivation or revocation of your permit.

What if someone is in my space?

Park in an unnumbered space and call dispatch at 979.845.0057. You may request the vehicle be cited or cited and removed from your space.

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