Retiree Parking

Persons who have officially retired from the Texas A&M University System are eligible for a retiree parking permit if they are not currently on the TAMUS payroll. This privilege is reserved for fully retired persons receiving no compensation from the University and is intended for your personal use only for occasional visits to campus. If you resume employment by the University, your retiree parking privileges will cease. A TAMUS picture identification card is required for permit issue.

Faculty and staff who have retired on or before Aug. 31, 2021, will be eligible for a centrally-funded retiree permit. These retirees will be grandfathered and will continue to receive a retiree permit at no charge for 5 years.

Faculty and staff who retire after Aug. 31, 2021, will be eligible to receive a retiree permit at a greatly reduced rate ($50 for 2021-2022 permit year). After the 2021-2022 permit year, the price will increase approximately 3% per year.

When you select 'Retiree Permit' you will see the $50 when registering, but the rate for your permit will be adjusted internally once your retirement date is confirmed.

Retiree parking is provided on a first come, first served basis in the Northside Parking Garage and University Center Parking Garage in unnumbered spaces above the second level gates, Gene Stallings Blvd. Garage, Central Campus Parking Garage, West Campus Parking Garage and designated surface parking lots. Retiree permits are not valid in the pay visitor parking levels of the Northside Garage or University Center Garage. For details concerning retiree parking, please call 979.862.PARK or write Retiree Coordinator, Transportation Services at Mail Stop #1250.

Retiree Parking Map

Texas A&M University System Employees

In honor of their service, Transportation Services instituted half-price parking options for Texas A&M University System employees who have officially retired and have returned to work on the College Station campus.

  • Half-price working retiree permits will be offered for unnumbered space parking in the surface lots and garages listed on the Retiree Parking Map.
  • Half-price permits are not available in premium areas such as gated lots or reserved numbered spaces. Working retirees may receive parking assignments in these premium areas but must pay the full price. Rates

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