Permit/Transponder Information & Placement

Parking registration is a personal obligation. Parking permits are the property of Texas A&M University and are issued to a specific individual. Ownership is not transferable. By obtaining a parking permit, the permit holder agrees to become familiar with the rules and regulations and abide by the regulations set forth in the text contained within.

Parking permits are renewed annually. Persons who have an outstanding balance with Transportation Services at the end of the parking year will not receive a permit until their account is satisfied.

Permit holders are urged to protect their permits from theft by locking their vehicles. If a permit, placard or access device is lost or stolen, the loss should be reported to Transportation Services, in person, immediately. There is a $10.00 fee for replacement products.

Annual Permit Rates and FAQs

Purchase a Permit
Visitor Parking & Temporary Permits

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff should contact the parking representative in their department or login to My Account to purchase an employee guaranteed permit.

Budgeted faculty and staff who purchase a permit are eligible for Automatic Payroll Deduction.

When you leave a department or separate from the University and there is time remaining in the permit year, you may be entitled to a refund. Refunds are prorated weekly, in order to take full advantage please return your permit to Transportation Services as soon as possible.

Permit Placement

  • Hangtags should be suspended from the vehicle's rearview mirror with the entire permit visible through the front windshield from outside the vehicle. If your vehicle prohibits you from hanging your permit from the rearview mirror, contact or 979-862-7275 for assistance.
  • Placards and special permits should be visible on the dashboard, driver's side of the vehicle.
  • Motorcycle permits should be affixed to the rear of the vehicle, as near as practical to the license plate, where the entire permit can easily be seen. Customers who purchase motorcycle permits are eligible for a free extension plate that can be affixed to the rear license plate bracket to create room to display the permit. Extension plates are available at Polo Rd. Building, Suite 350.

Transponder/Toll Tag Placement

In order to ensure communication between your transponder and the antenna on the garage, please attach it to the inside, upper middle edge of the windshield just below the line of tinted glass. Place it just to the left of your hangtag so that the view of your parking permit is not obstructed.

Graphic of how to place transponder

Attach the transponder by peeling the clear backing and pressing it firmly to the glass. Upon entering the drive lane of the garage, stop just in front of the gate and it will open within 2–5 seconds.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The new transponders use the same technology as the Houston Toll Tag system and are designed to be mounted to the windshield; holding the transponder in your hand will greatly reduce or prevent the readability of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove the transponder and put it in another place?

No, removal will likely result in damage to the transponder.

How can I get an additional or replacement transponder?

Contact our Customer Assistance office.

What should I do if I have a toll tag installed in my vehicle?

Register your toll tag # to use as your hands-free access.

PLEASE NOTE: The new smaller toll tags now being issued are not compatible with our existing equipment. Please call 979-862-PARK for an alternative solution.

TxTag permit

How do I add my license plate with my permit?

May I use my permit in another vehicle?

  • Hangtags may be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Should the owner of a self-adhering permit have occasion to bring a different vehicle to campus, a temporary permit should be purchased and displayed prior to parking on campus.

More Frequently Asked Questions