About AggieSpirit Transit

Texas A&M University Transportation Services is committed to providing safe, courteous and efficient transportation to the students, faculty, staff and visitors to the Texas A&M University campus.

In September of 1982, the Transit area began as Bus Operations by providing transportation for Texas A&M University using a fleet of 33 buses as an Off-Campus shuttle service. As the University continued to grow, a need for an intra-campus shuttle system emerged. Therefore, in 1984, the On-Campus shuttle system was created. Today Transportation Services has a fleet of 96 buses providing On and Off-campus, paratransit, and charter services for Texas A&M University. The Transit area employs over 260 student drivers, 20 full-time drivers, 7 full-time driver/instructors, and a 7 person full-time training staff.

Transit provides a variety of services for the Texas A&M University community. On-Campus service is free to all students, faculty, staff and visitors to Texas A&M. On-Campus service consists of seven routes which move passengers from point to point around campus. A TAMU, Blinn, or Brazos Transit ID is required to ride the Off-Campus service. Off-Campus service consists of twelve routes which cover Bryan and College Station. Paratransit service is provided for our temporarily and permanently disabled students, faculty and staff. It requires that an application be filed with and approved by Transportation Services. Charter services are also available for university, student organization, and other local events.