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Recent Changes

Wait List Changes (effective April 2017)
Some lots are no longer available to students and others may only be selected during registration. http://transport.tamu.edu/parking/faqpermit/dates.aspx
Lots no longer available to Undergraduate Students The following lots are no longer available to Undergraduate Students: Lots 18, 24, 97, 111 and 114
Lots no longer available to Graduate Students The following lots are no longer avaialble to Graduate Students: Lot 48
Cain Garage (effective Fall 2016)
The Cain Student Services Garage will be available for parking in the Fall of 2016. This garage is located at the intersection of Wellborn Rd. and Joe Routt Blvd, just north of Kyle Field. Faculty, staff and students may request this facility during registration. RESIDENT STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED TO THIS GARAGE. The price is $482 annually.
Lot 89 (Grounds Maintenance) (effective January 2017)
Lot 89 is no longer an any valid permit area. You must have a Lot 89 permit to park in this lot.
Lot 49 (on Agronomy Road) (effective Fall 2017)
Effective Fall 2017, Lot 49 will become an Any Valid Permit area. Permits will not be sold for this lot however, Any Valid Texas A&M permit will be honored in the lot. (Night permits only valid after 5 p.m.)
Lot 38 (old Vet Admin Building) (effective Fall 2017)
University Business permits will no longer be valid in plain spaces in Lot 38. Timed 2 hours University Business spaces will be installed in the lot.
Accommodating staff due to mandated office relocations (effective Spring 2016)
Current permit holders who have a mid-year office relocation mandated by the University will be inserted into the wait list of their choice according to their months of service with the university. This may cause other customers' positions on the wait lists to fluctuate during the permit year.