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Transit Service Information

Use of the On and Off-Campus shuttle system is fare-free to the students, faculty, staff and visitors to the Texas A&M University campus. All dates and times are subject to change. Please check the Leave Times & Maps page for specific leave times.

There is no service during holidays, on nights and weekends during break service, or on home football gamedays.


Aggie Spirit Route Changes for Fall 2014

In order to provide more efficient service while meeting the needs of our customers, we will be making changes to 4 of the off campus routes for fall 2014.  Please make note of these approved route changes as you consider housing for fall semester.

  • Route 31:  The Oney Hervey portion of the route on Holleman will be eliminated due to low ridership.  The new route will travel Southwest Parkway from Wellborn and then loop via side streets and return via southwest Parkway to serve both sides of this highly populated street.      
                    MAP: http://transport.tamu.edu/busroutes/Routes.aspx?r=31
  • Route 33/34:  Routes 33 and 34 will be combined to create a more condensed route between Longmire and Welsh.  By combining these 2 routes, some stops will be eliminated but riders are within walking distance to new stops.    
                    MAP: http://transport.tamu.edu/busroutes/Routes.aspx?r=34
  • Route 35:  The new route will utilize the Wellborn road grade separation to avoid delays due to trains and will shift the campus pick up/drop off point from the Trigon to the MSC.    This will also use the new Penberthy Blvd extension between George Bush and Luther St .   
                   MAP: http://transport.tamu.edu/busroutes/Routes.aspx?r=35
  • Route 36:  Stops at Jones Butler and Holleman will be combined for more efficiency.  Riders from the eliminated stops will have a short walk to a bus stop on the same side of the road. 
                    MAP: http://transport.tamu.edu/busroutes/Routes.aspx?r=36

Visit our site at  http://transport.tamu.edu/busroutes/ for  real-time Aggie Spirit route information.  The fall changes will be incorporated into the real-time information later in the summer.
We strive to maintain the most efficient transit system possible for you, whether on campus or off. 

Break & Summer Service

See also Break/Weekend Shuttle

Break/Summer Service operates Monday through Friday only, from 7 am to 6 pm.
Leave Times & Maps



Weekend & Night Service is not offered during this time.

All dates and times are subject to change. Please check the Leave Times & Maps frequently for updates.

Night Service

During Fall and Spring Service, Night Service runs Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 pm and midnight.

Weekend Service

During Fall and Spring Service, Weekend Service is offered between 9 am and 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays except home football gamedays.

Gameday Service


Paratransit service is available from Lot 50 ($15 parking fee), located at the corner of University Drive and Bizzell Street, to Kyle Field (Zone entrance) 3 hours before the game time and for 1 hour after the game. Questions? Call 979.847.7433 (RIDE) prior to gameday.


On-Campus routes run continuous rounds as needed. The W Lot Shuttle is reserved for the 12th Man. On-Campus Gameday Route Map


Off-Campus routes begin two hours before official kick-off time and stops 5 minutes prior to kick-off. Service is not provided during the game. Service resumes with the final cannon shot at the end of the game and lasts for one hour after the official game end time. Off-Campus Gameday Route Map

Customers are also encouraged to use the free Get to the Grid! shuttle service from Post Oak Mall to Lubbock Street on campus.

Park and Ride

Unlimited bus service to all areas of College Station/Bryan is not economically practical so a Park and Ride option was developed. Customers who do not live directly on a bus route may drive a short distance to an area where parking is allowed and catch the bus at the nearest stop. This allows access to all who choose not to purchase a parking permit. Park and Ride stops are located at Post Oak Mall (Route 27), First Baptist Church of College Station (Route 34), and the College Station WalMart (Route 34).

Airport Shuttle

GroundShuttle.com offers service between Easterwood Airport and George Bush Intercontinental or Hobby.

There are also several local taxi companies who can provide both in-town and out-of-town service.

Break/Weekend Shuttle

Kerrville Bus Company (Coach USA) + Megabus.com offers service to Houston with connectivity to other major Texas cities for holidays and spring break.

Bus Buzz

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Look for the bus specific stickers on your bus for your bus number, send us a text message and follow the simple prompts. It's easy and fast.