2016 Campus Projects

Opened: October 10, 2016

Summary: Cain Garage, which replaced Cain Hall, includes five parking levels and 1,434 parking spots available for use by students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus and is equipped with electronic way-finding and level counting signage that guides customers to available parking with 99 percent accuracy.

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Before Cain Hall before demolition

During panorama of Cain Garage construction

construction on entrance of Cain Garage

construction around entry lanes


Cain Garage entry

Cain Garage entry lanes

Cain Garage at night

Cain Garage guidance lights

Cain Garage directional signage

Cain Garage control center

Cain Garage cashier booth

Opened: October 3, 2016

Summary: A Dutch Junction and green bike lanes were installed as a part of the rehabilitation project for Lots 16 and 54, located at the Bizzell and Ross Streets intersection. The intersection design, called a Dutch Junction, adds space at crossings for bike lanes and pulls the stop sign for cars further back from the intersection, increasing visibility for drivers and improving safety for people walking and bicycling.

The bike lanes were created using a solar luminescent paint that stores solar energy to increase visibility at night, establishing the nation's first glow-in-the-dark green bike lanes. The lanes create a designated space on the street for a person riding a bicycle that is physically separated from traffic and pedestrian activity.

The resulting outcome creates a clear and sensible environment for users on foot, on bicycles or in cars and provides more time and space for everyone to see and react to one another.

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Before aerial view of intersection before construction

intersection before construction

turn lane before construction

sidewalk before construction

During green paint glowing at night

workers pouring green paint

workers smoothing out greeen paint

After pedestrian crosses intersection

cyclist crosses intersection