New Pay By Phone Service from Transportation Services

Press Release

Published: February 2010

New Verrus Pay-By-Phone Service

COLLEGE STATION, February 15, 2010 – Texas A&M University Transportation Services announces a new pay by phone service available for designated pay-by-the-hour visitor parking spaces. Transportation Services teamed up with Verrus to provide this quick, easy and convenient way to pay hourly parking fees with a single phone call. Customers create a free account with Verrus by going online. Once an account is created, the customer calls Verrus at 1-866-234-PARK, enters the four-digit Verrus parking location number, the space number, and number of minutes the vehicle will be parked. The customer may elect to receive a text message reminder before the time expires and the time can be extended from the phone as well. Verrus pay by phone services are now located in over 100 cities and towns throughout North America and Europe. The location codes for Texas A&M are 4711 for lot 51, 4712 for lot 72, and 4714 for Northside Garage. These location numbers are posted on the corresponding lot signs. For more information regarding the new pay by phone service, please visit the Transportation Services website at

Contact: June A. Broughton ( 979) 862-7371 or or Tura King at (979) 845-4670 or