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Lot & Garage Rehabilitation Projects

Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. logo

Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. is an engineering firm contracted by Transportation Services to provide the following:

  • Evaluate and prioritize surface parking areas and rank in order of priority for reconstruction or maintenance.
  • Produce preliminary options and probable construction costs of each lot in order to provide a basis for budgeting future construction.
  • Produce construction documents based on initial investigation and soil reports, and create an annual maintenance program to help extend the life of the parking areas.
  • Assess the five parking garages on campus to document the existing general condition of the facility identifying both well performing or deficient items.
  • Generate a plate of the necessary maintenance work for each garage and the probable cost for each garage

Questions? Email Clint Willis at mailto:ckwillis@tamu.edu



  • Lot 97 motorcycle parking


  • Lots 30c and 32
    Reconstruction of lots 30c and 32 near the Northside residence halls.
  • Lot 100e
    Preventive maintenance was performed on lot 100e near Reed Arena. The lot 100e repairs consisted of crack sealing, seal coating and striping the lot.
  • Lots 79 and 80 on Agronomy road were resurfaced.
  • Southside Garage - Expansion joints were replaced.
  • Lot 63 - New lot constructed at Pearce Pavilion
  • Lot 95 - New lot constucted at PEAP Building
  • Northside Garage - Expansion joints were replaced; Repainted and repaired spalling


Summer 2012 Projects:

  • Lots 10, 12, 15, 19, 21 & 28 - Repair and resurface parking lot
    Lot 10a Lot 12 Lot 19 Lot 21 Lot 15 lot 46 lot 46/48 lot 96 lot 37 lot 28 lot 23 lot 23 RV Field
  • RV Field has been added as an additional RV lot for football game weekends - weather permitting
  • Lot 60 - Replace joint sealants
  • Lots 23, 37, 46, 48 & 59
    • Dates: July 18 - September 6, 2012
    • Summary: This project includes a new concrete surface, upgraded lighting and an additional disabled parking space and pedestrian path improvements.
      Lot 46 Lot 48 lot 48
  • Grass Parking added across Research Pkwy from Presidential Conference Center for event parking.
    Fan Field near Lot 111
  • Joe Routt and Rudder/Koldus Plaza Renovation
    • Dates: April 23 - September 7, 2012
    • Summary: The Koldus Bldg. and Rudder Tower plazas including Joe Routt Blvd. between S. Houston St. and Throckmorton will be closed for renovation. The project will enhance the beauty and accessibility of the area between Rudder Tower and the Koldus Building by:
      • adding two mid-block crossings with a single level surface from door-to-door
      • improving two existing cross-walks to meet accessibility standards
      • removing and recycling paver bricks mounted on a concrete surface to avoid unevenness caused by settling
      • increasing the width of the loading circle at Rudder Tower and defining the two lanes by a 4’ wide unloading area separating them
      • extending the one-way configuration of Joe Routt to match the area south of the Memorial Student Center
      • creating bi-directional bike lanes
      • installing planter boxes with seating ledges to enhance gathering space under the shade of the trees while limiting pedestrian crossings at locations other than cross-walks
      • replacing trees designated by a certified arborist as in poor, fair or stressed condition
    • Map: Joe Routt Renovation more photos...
      aerial view - click for more
  • Wellborn Underpass
    • Video on YouTube
    • Check out these amazing photos of the future underground passageway connecting West Campus to Main Campus under Wellborn Road. Details will be posted as information is available.
      Photos courtesy of Klotz Engineering - Project Managers aerial view passagewaypassageway connecting west and main campus



  • Lot 76
    • Dates: June 2011- August 2011
    • Actual Cost: $165,000
    • Summary: Lot 76 is scheduled for renovation beginning Monday, June 6 and will continue through August 17. This renovation includes a new concrete lot, upgraded lighting, french drain around the building and the addition of bicycle parking. The work will be completed in two phases. Phase 1 will include the south half and Phase 2 will immediately follow on the north half.
    • lot 76 renovation


  • Lot 12 & 38– Veterinary Medical Center


    • Dates: June 27 – August 19, 2011
    • Actual Cost: $302,000
    • Summary: Lot 38 is scheduled for renovation to begin on Monday, June 27th till Friday, August 19, 2011. This project includes a new concrete surface, sidewalk work and upgraded lighting.  This renovation will also include a drive lane that will connect Lot 38 to Lot 12 for use during special events. The work will be completed in two phases. Phase 1 will include the east half of the lot and Phase 2 will immediately follow to complete the west half.
    • lot 38 renovationlot 38 near Vet Med


  • Additional Summer 2011 Projects:
    • Lot 6 – Seal and repair joints in surface of parking lot
    • Lot 1 – Add a French drain to minimize water flow damage to parking lot
    • Lot 72b – Seal surface cracks in pavement to prolong life of the lot
    • Lot 26- 34  - Remove and replace surface of parking lot
    • Lot 40b – Repair and resurface sunken pavement over 30” wide utility trench
    • Lot 72- Repair drainage inlet and overlay surface of lot with sealant
    • Lot 88- repair crushed concrete top of drainage inlet
    • Lot 51 - Seal and patch surface
    • Lot 100 - remove and pour dumpster pad; seal surface cracks and patch
    • Lot 17 - Repair and replace surface of parking lot



  • Lot 97


    • Dates: Dec 2010 - Mar 2011
    • Estimated Budget: $900,000
    • Summary: Resurfacing, restriping and upgrading lighting
    • lot 97 tear out - concrete instead of asphalt will be used
      During lot 97 tear out - concrete instead of asphalt will be used


  • Lot 10


    • Dates: Dec 2010- Mar 2011
    • Budget: $175,000
    • Summary: 14 new disabled parking spaces will be added to the center of campus
    • Lot 10 will be expanded in include 14 additional HC spaces lot 97 tear out - concrete instead of asphalt will be used


  • Bus Pads - Agronomy Road


    • Dates: August 2010
    • Summary: Concrete pads poured for waiting passengers. new bus pads along Agronomy Road

  • Lot 40


    • Dates: July - August 2010
    • Summary: Portions of 40 b, c and d are being renovated . Repairing subgrade and potholes.

  • Lot 70
    • Dates: June - August 2010
    • Summary: Lot 70 is being resurfaced. New drainage flume added to help surface drainage.
      concrete drainage flume
  • Lot 61
    • Dates: May 17, 2010 - August 2010
    • Budget: $2 million
    • Summary: Improve drainage and landscaping to include protection of existing oak trees. Improve drive lanes. Replace existing parking lot subgrade and surface. Lighting will also be added for improved safety.
      lot  renovation plan Lot 61 before renovation
      Lot 61 renovation began May 17lot 61 aggragate base and asphalt on schedule increasing size of grass areas to protect treesPouring asphalt in lot 61Asphalt poured at lot 61
  • Lot 100d


    • Dates: July - August 2010
    • Budget: $95,000
    • Summary: Picnic areas added. 9 tables with grills and benches will be added.
      picnic tables in place July 2010 9 tables

  • Lot 100 i, j and k
    • Dates: January 2010- May 2010
    • Budget: $1.2 million
    • Summary: These 3 lots will become 1 lot to decrease number of intersections and make 4-way stop. This will improve traffic flow and safety at Chandler and Olsen. Remove existing asphalt in 100j and replace with concrete. Improve ADA compliance in 100j and k.
    • Lot 100j before renovation
      100j in the process of subgrade stabilizationPlacing concrete in 100kplacing concrete in lot 100k 100 j almost completecrosswalk added for safety
  • Lot 5
    • Project completion: January 2010
    • Summary: This lot is close to the center of campus. The existing lot was reduced by construction in the area. Transportation Services removed old striping and curb painting before increasing the number of ADA spaces within the lot. Disabled parking signs have been added along with new paint and wheel stops.
    • Lot 5 newly renovated with additional ADA spaces


  • Motorcycle Parking on Mosher
    • Dates: May 17 - August 30, 2009
    • Budget: $20,000
    • Summary: Over 70 motorcycle spaces added to the south side of campus.
    • new motorcycle parking added on Mosher Lane
  • Lot 30
    • Dates: June 13 - August 7, 2009
    • Budget: $300,000
    • Summary: Lots 30a and b near the Northside Residence Halls have gone through major renovations over the summer. The existing asphalt was removed and then replaced with a mixture of 6" lime, 6" base and then 2" of asphalt. Drainage for the lot was improved and a larger space for the oak tree in lot 30a was provided. This resulted in the removal of one parking space but allowed for better care of the large oak. Additional motorcycle parking spaces are now found in lot 30 as well as disabled spaces and an improved ramp. Recycled tires provide the material for the new wheel stops, which line the new sidewalk along 30b.
      Lot 30 before renovation
      Lot 30 During constructionlot 30 asphalt is poured 8/03lot 30 diabled ramps added
  • Lot 36a-e
    • Dates: June 11 - September 15, 2009
    • Budget: $1.5 million
    • Summary: Four sections of this lot have gone through numerous improvements: Expansion joints have been added every 30 feet within the newly poured concrete to allow for expansion when the temperatures reach extremes such as those we have experienced this summer. Control joints are placed every 15 feet which "move" with the concrete and prevent cracks. Lighting has been added throughout the lot and especially lot sections D and E, to assist with safety in the area. As with all lots, drainage is very important and these lots have been carefully engineered by Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., to allow for the optimum runoff, which is critical in maintaining the life expectancy of the lot. Lime has been added to the soil prior to the concrete, which allows for better compaction of the soil and therefore provides a more solid base. With 6" of subgrade and another 6" of concrete, these lots should expect at least 30 years of use before any improvements are needed. Dumpster pads have been added throughout lot 36 and customers will now enjoy additional motorcycle parking adjacent to many light poles. The drive lanes have been improved and parking spaces have been enlarged to 9'x18'. Handicapped ramps have also been added. Lot 36 gained 31 spaces. Lot 36 before renovation
      Lot 36 During constructionConcrete is poured 6-29
      Lot 36 ready for customers July 13
  • Lot 1: John Connally Building - Tarrow Drive at Spring Loop
    • Dates: October 3, 2008 - March 15, 2009
    • Budget: $700,000
    • Summary: The existing pavement in this lot will be refurbished with a mix of asphalt and cement in order to stabilize the surface of the lot. Concrete drainage flumes, slotted drains, and underground piping will be added to aid in water runoff in order to further lessen the wear and tear on the lot.
      Lot 1 before construction
      Before Lot 1 during construction
      During Lot 1 after construction
  • Lot 83
    • Dates: September 2008
    • Budget: $44,000
    • Summary of improvements: The old asphalt was removed and fly ash added in order to harden the base and eliminate soft spots which can cause potholes. The base is now good and compacted and should benefit from these improvements for at least 10-15 years. The ramp for ADA accessibility was raised near the handicapped spaces. Re-striping was also completed in the lot.
      lot 83 before renovation
      ADA ramps have been addedlot 83 completed August 2009