Texas A&M University Quiet Zone

Demonstration of a wayside horn

The university is moving forward with plans to create a quiet zone around railroad crossings on campus.

Texas A&M University is working with Union Pacific Railroad, the cities of Bryan and College Station and the Texas Department of Transportation to establish a railroad quite zone through campus. The university has experienced tremendous growth over the last several decades including development near the railroad tracks that bisect the campus. Texas A&M now has many large buildings, including residence halls, classroom buildings, labs and even a hotel in close proximity to the tracks and several more are under construction or in design. Train horn noise reduces the quality of life for students, faculty, staff and visitors trying to learn, study, socialize or sleep.

The university is improving the safety of the campus intersections along the railway so they meet the standards required for receiving approval from the Federal Rail Authority to discontinue blowing horns for trains passing through campus. Kimley-Horn and Associates has been contracted to design the planned improvements. Brazos Paving is completing the road construction work. Mobility Planning & Engineering is consulting the project. SSC Campus Solutions is managing the project.

Quiet Zone Notice of Intent

Request to Modify Pickard Pass

Request to Modify John Kimbrough Blvd. Pickard Pass

Wayside Horn Demonstration

Transportation Services hosted a demonstration in February showcasing a lower decibel type of horn that may be used at railroad crossings near campus. Wayside horns are stationary horns that blow focused sound at the direction of oncoming traffic. These would blow in place of train horns, significantly reducing the amount of noise when trains pass through campus.

A wayside horn is demonstrated at the intersection of George Bush Dr. and Wellborn Rd.

Demonstration of a wayside horn

These horns are proposed to be installed at the railroad crossing at George Bush Dr.

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